Sadder-day Night Sci-Fi Channel

May 2, 2008 at 8:00 am (General, Marcia Colette) (, )

I love shapeshifters so much that I’ll leap at the chance of seeing a movie even if there’s only a smigeon of it in the plot. It’s hard to find a good paranormal on TV that leans in that direction. As close as I can get is the Sci-fi Channel.

So here’s the problem. Where in the world does the Sci-fi Channel get their screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors/actresses for their corny movies, especially the ones that put shapeshifters to shame? Talk about your career being over before it started. You try putting a movie like Mansquito on your resume and see how far you get. If they had made The Rock Monster into book form, even a scam publisher wouldn’t touch it.

A few weeks ago I recorded Hybrid so I could watch it when I had time. I thought, “Hmmm? A man with yellow glowing eyes and my favorite kind of werewolves. The four-legged ones. This might actually be good.” I shook my head with disappointment and stopped watching the playback about halfway through because the TV Guide Channel was more interesting. Although I liked the Native American theme threaded through the plot, the rest of the story was as ridiculous as my grandmother trying out for the Olympic gymnastics team.

Although I’m very picky about my vampires, it broke my heart when Blood Ties was canned. I’m thankful they haven’t jerked Moonlight or even the Ghost Whisperer off CBS yet. I just wish they could some up with a shapeshifter series that might stand the test of time like good old Buffy.  What happened to the Dresden Files? Is it still on TV? That was the smartest move Sci-fi Channel made with regards to paranormal/urban fantasy programs.  Can we have another Underworld while we’re at it? And since Hollywood likes remakes,  has anyone thought about doing a remake of Cat People or has that Halle-Berry version of Cat Woman  destroyed all prospects of that? Whatever Hollywood decides to do, I hope they don’t butcher a fantastic book like Blood and Chocolate by stealing the names and not bothering with the plot that made it great in the first place. If so, they might as well save themselves the budget and slid it into a time slot on Sadder-day Night Sci-Fi Channel.

Anyone else see any butchered paranormal movie lately?  Your thoughts?

Marcia Colette



  1. Michele Hauf said,

    THe Sci-Fi channel kills me, too. And what is it with the proliferation of big bug movies? I watched part of one that had giant cockroaches. So weird.

    They are making a third Underworld movie. The Rise of The Lycans, and Michael Sheen reprises his role as Lucien. Yippee! I love him in the first Underworld. He will make the third movie simply awesome.

  2. Darla said,

    Ooooo, I didn’t know they were coming out with a 3rd underworld…can’t wait!

    The last spaghetti paranormal I saw was about TERADACTYLS…I had to laugh when peoble started getting limbs torn off…they had a very low budget for special effects and it showed!

  3. Lori Devoti said,

    BBC has the best scifi/fantasy shows. Hex is great, but not on right now. I also really like Torchwood. (season just ended for it)
    I wasn’t a big fan of the Dresden Files or the take of Huff’s Blood novels. They were okay, but the books are so much better in both cases.
    Heroes and Supernatural are probably my top pick network paranormal shows. I liked Journeyman, but it got the can. I’ve tried New Amsterdam, but it’s really just another cop show with a tiny bit of paranormal window dressing. I have bunch recorded I may delete without watching…
    On the funny side, I enjoy Reaper. 🙂

  4. AJ Hampton said,

    OMG, a 3rd Underworld!! I’m SO there. I’m just as excited for that as I am for the new X-Files movie 🙂 I did enjoy Blood Ties while it lasted, but the books got into the characters more.

    As for movies… I haven’t seen any (besides Underworld) that I really loved.

    Any recomendations?



  5. Michele Hauf said,

    AJ, have you watched CONSTANTINE? It is one of my favorites, not only for the story, but for the visuals. Every frame is spectacular. Good vs. evil and heaven and hell and all that razzle-dazzle, but done in a new and intriguing way. Highly recommended! ANd it’s got Keanu. 😉

  6. Patti said,

    I love Reaper and can’t wait for the 3rd Underworld. I loved it. I remember when I was a kid I loved watching Dark Shawdows and Night Staker with my mother. As a teenage in 1983, we watched Manimal. Which was a series about basic shiftering. It starred Simon MacCorkindale as Jonathan Chase. She also enjoyed Taken from SCI-FI. Both reading and movies brought us closer together. It is something which I hope to pass on to my daughter.

  7. Marcia said,

    A third Underworld! Yay!! I was worried after the second one. I got the impression that not many people liked it. I did because I found the romance to be so much more believeable than in the first one. In fact, I think that’s why I liked it better.

    And Patti, I think that’s what drew my mother and I so close together. We were avid Swampthing fans and loved just about anything along the Dark Shadow or Twilight Zone lines.

    Lori, I’ve heard the same thing repeatedly about New Amsterdam. I’m wondering how long it’s going to last. I still have yet to catch it on TV and at this rate, I doubt I’ll bother. You’re also right about BBC having some great paranormalish shows on these days.

    Funny you should mention the bug movies, Michele. There was a time I was thinking the same thing. So far, they’ve explored spiders, mosquitos, and ants. I’d love to be in the room when someone is pitching these scipts. I’d throw a can of Black Flag at them.

    LOL! Darla, I’ve seen TERADACTYLS. Well…about fifteen minutes of it before I turned to something else. I think when I switched back, there was a giant puppet attacking someone. That had pretty much done it in for me.

  8. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hey, Hollywood and the grand entertainment industry probably can’t do the genre justice compared to the romance books available now. Or, maybe the Big Boy idiots don’t deign to read anything romance?
    Who knows, but those are my thoughts. On New Amersterdam, yeah, it’s not the best. But I do love the history aspect of it — but then, I’ve always loved history.

  9. teresadamario said,

    Ok, now here’s a funny. Yesterday we were at the bookstore (to remain unnameless. I picked up a book (also to remain unnameless because I like this author alot). So in the car my hubby asks me “Have you ever seen the Kindred?” No,,, what is it? He said “Sci fi channel had it on straight all day yesterday and I watched it. It was a great seriess” and he goes on to describe the series. I kept thinking That sounds so much like the series I just bought a book from. So last nite I went online and looked up the kindred. The familiarities are striking. Now it’s true, the Kindred is based off a book, which has it’s own following. But it’s obvious either the book or the tv series had alot of influence on this particular author. There are differences. Major differences. But overall the concept she has could be the same.

    It was just a reminder how much early stories influence in authors. In addition, I was watching a short bit of Odddyseus (Sp) and Lo and behold, it was a story that is so similar in nature to the older stories of vampirism, it was scary. I was thinking “Maybe I should go back and read what Homer wrote, since obviously it’s his imagination so many authors started with.”

    Now for the shifters, I still go back to the old 14th century writings of how witches came to control werewolves. It’s “true” doctrine used in the middle ages as testimony against witches. Not once does the document indicate they didn’t believe in werewolves. How odd. LOL.

  10. Kath Calarco said,

    I saw someone mention Reaper. I’m a HUGE Reaper fan! I’ve already bought the first season and will be plopping down bucks for the second.

    I don’t watch sci-fi channel, but really love reading vampire books.

  11. Dannette H said,

    They did have The Sentinal on for a while. But I haven’t seen any good shape shifting shows in a long time…..Lord don’t let these producers touch any of the good books out there…can you imagine how awful they’d do a job….Honestly has Hollywood had an new idea for any movie….they’re all remakes….seems they like remaking the Jamie Lee Curtis ones…have you noticed.

  12. Edie said,

    I haven’t watched any of these shows, and don’t watch the sci fi channel much. I just Iron Man today, though, which by a giant stretch of the imagintation could be a shapeshifter movie. LOVED it!

  13. Marcia said,

    Savanna, I’m with you on that. Hollywood really needs to get with the program. If they’re out to make money, then why not reamake a best-selling author’s book, which is staring them in the face? That’s money ripe for the taking.

    I don’t know about anyone else, Tereasa, but movies are the first thing I look to for inspiration. Especially–and I wholeheartedly admit it–Japanese anime. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if the opposite was true in that our books are responsible for shows like Moonlight.

    Okay, I’ve heard Reaper mentioned a few times, Kathy, and I have yet to see that show. Dog-gone it!

    Oh yes, Dannette. The sad part is, how many slasher movies do we have to see before we know how they’re going to end up? But you also bring up another good point, which brings me back to the problem with Blood and Chocolate. If Hollywood gets their hands on it, I hope they give it the same dignity they give books like No Country for Old Men and The Green Mile where they stick to the book as much as possible. Not rape the poor book for the characters and nothing else.

    Edie, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Iron Man. I’ve been reserving my money to see that because I was worried it would come off like The Incredible Hulk. However, I’m slowly being turned. 😉

  14. Belle Scarlett said,

    Bwaa, I posted this to the wrong section earlier but… To answer your question – one of my day job clients, a production company at Universal Studios (home of the original celluloid WOLF MAN) is currently filming THE WOLF MAN in London! It looks to be a non-cheesy version, fingers Xed!

    Belle Scarlett

    The wolf’s on the prowl!
    THE WOODSMAN is available at
    See the “Director’s Cut” of THE WOODSMAN trailer at
    Go to to find out how you could win an AMAZON KINDLE!

  15. LaDonna said,

    Hey Marcia! Haven’t seen one lately, but about a year ago hubby and I saw a pathetic one. B-rated, and it all took place on a dark road, and two couples in a mini van-one a TSTL-type lady. AUGGGHHH, I just wanted the aliens to get her. LOL. They did…eventually.

  16. Sierra Wolfe said,

    Hollywood disappoints me. Other than the Harry Potter series, I haven’t found very many good paranormal movies that I really love. Supernatural is a good series for paranormal fans. I’ve not found ANY good shapeshifter movies. I wish they would take their cues from books more. Paranormal is a huge success in the publishing industry, so why isn’t it on tv?? I think Hollywood has no clue what the public really wants. Some of my favorite paranormal movies are The Sixth Sense, The Skeleton Key, and White Noise. But I’m still looking for a good shapeshifter movie. I’ve got high hopes for Twilight because it will be the first that I know of that deals with werewolves as we like to read about them.

  17. Pam P said,

    I never did read Butcher’s books, but Harry on The Dresden Files grew on me, was sorry to see it canceled. I really liked Blood Ties on Lifetime (based on Tanya Huff, though I’ve never read the books yet), wish they’d put that back on, it was one of my favaorites of the recent paranormal TV shows, liked it much better than Moonlighting I alsways see talked about.

  18. WereWolf Hunter said,





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