Creating a Shifter World – By Kate Douglas

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Hi everyone! Join with me in welcoming today’s guest blogger, Kate Douglas ! There’s not a shifter fan out there who hasn’t heard of Kate’s groundbreaking work. Join Kate’s MySpace, and don’t forget to keep up on Wolf Tales news with her yahoo group.

So without Further Ado – Miss Kate Douglas:

Wolf Tales VII just started work on Wolf Tales VIII, which is, I think the fifteenth story in my series if you count all the novellas. After writing so many stories about the same characters, it’s easy to lose track of the overall number. J What’s surprises me, though, is how easy it’s been to come up with fresh ideas for each new story—and this is in a series where I continually recycle the same characters in book after book. What makes it work? I think it’s the world I’m writing—the world of shapeshifters.

Writing paranormal gives an author such amazing freedom. We choose to write about creatures that don’t (or do they?) really exist. That frees us to create our own rules in a world of our own design. Even when we set our paranormal characters in a contemporary and realistic setting, the rules are up to us. What makes it work, though, is sticking to rules that are believable.

Since I know my Chanku so well, I’ll use them as an example. They are based on a real species of wolf, Canis lupus laniger, that exists in areas of southern Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and the Himalayan steppes. The local Tibetan name for the wolves is Chanku. Once I found this information in my research on wolves, I knew I had my shapeshifters. I had to give them a logical method for shifting, and a reason they might have lost that ability, so I chose the nutrients in grasses that grow only in the Himalayan area. Once the ancient Chanku moved out of the area and away from the grasses they needed, they lost the ability to shift, though not the genetics that allowed shifting to happen. Add the proper nutrients, and voila! Humans with the right DNA can suddenly become wolves.

To add to the reality of my shapeshifters, I decided that the genes for shapeshifting are a feminineSexy Beast trait—the woman always passes the genes on to her offspring, so that both her sons and daughters, with the right nutrients, can shift. However, only her daughter, whether or not she ever becomes a shapeshifter, can continue to pass on the genes. Since I write erotic paranormal, I added another layer of rules to my world—my Chanku are governed by a powerful libido. The need for sex is intensified after a shift, but even if they never become shapeshifters, they are still driven by a more powerful than normal sex drive. That explains why many of my women were once prostitutes (the perfect occupation!) and so many of the men—before they discover their true nature as Chanku—end up in jail or in jobs where testosterone rules.

And, since it’s my world and my rules, my Chanku are impervious to most human illnesses. They don’t get HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. The females have total control of their reproductive cycle—they choose when to release an egg for pregnancy. The downside is, once a woman becomes Chanku, she can only breed while in wolf form, and only with her bonded mate. Which takes me to bonding—during the mating bond, the mental link is so complete that the mate can literally learn things in the other’s past he might not even recall. It requires total trust and unshakable love to open yourself up to such close scrutiny, to literally have no secrets. The telepathy, or mindtalking, isn’t nearly as deep, but it does allow sexual partners to share each others feelings during sex.

And there are the little things—the fact that the nutrients cause changes before the actual shift. Changes in perception, really itchy skin as if the bones are trying to break free and there’s the fact that even the Chanku don’t know what happens when they shift. It happens so quickly they can’t film it. They don’t know their beginnings—did they evolve on that chilly steppe or were they left here by alien visitors long ago? These are the kinds of details that make a shapeshifter come to life. The consistency of the details, the fact that they can all be explained in a forthright, logical manner.

Going into this fifteenth story in the series, bringing in characters and their stories that go back to the very first book, I feel I’ve reached a point where my readers accept my Chanku for what they are—a powerful, honorable and loving group with a very special ability that is consistent within the world they inhabit. Over time they’ve become real to me—their world is one I revisit with a sense of wonder and expectation, curious about what my fantasy friends are up to next.

Or are they fantasy? Sometimes they feel so real to me, and I think my readers are beginning to believe. It might explain the letters I get, asking me how Anton’s and Stefan’s babies are doing….

Below are Kate’s Series, in order. I hope you enjoy them!

Wolf Tales

Sexy Beast—Chanku Rising
Wolf Tales II
Wild Nights—Camille’s Dawn
Wolf Tales III
Sexy Beast II—Chanku Fallen
Wolf Tales IV
Sexy Beast III—Chanku Journey
Wolf Tales V
Sexy Beast IV—Chanku Destiny
coming soon:
Wolf Tales VI—July 08
Sexy Beast V—Chanku Wild September 08

Kate has graciously added to give one person who replies to this post a prize!  The winner will receive  WolfTales V, and one Stuffed wolf! So tell us what book of Kate’s is YOUR favorite!



  1. AJ Hampton said,

    Hello Kate!! Welcome to the blog. Thank you so much for joining us and telling us how you created your world. It sounds amazing, and, I’m a sucker for series books!!

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t read your books yet, but I’m not on a mission to pick the first one up and check it out!! The world you created is original, thoughtful, and yet believable. All good components to a book! I’ll be sure to let you know what I think as soon as I get finished reading!!



  2. teresadamario said,

    Aj you will love her books. I was at my RWA meeting a while back, and who should they bring up? Kate Douglas! Everyone in the room was just nodding their heads. Yep, even the non – paranormal readers knew who she was. Made me sit up and take notice.

  3. Nancy Haddock said,

    Hi Kate! What a super blog detailing world creation!

    I’m one of those people who knows your name but hasn’t yet read your series. That’s changing now!

    Teresa, thank you for the notice about this blog!


  4. Michele Hauf said,

    Wow, Kate! You really know your world, and what intricate detail. I’m going to have to check those books out…

  5. Audrey M. said,

    Where do you get your inspiration to maintain a world like this? You have an ongoing series here with different characters and multiple situations. Its must take a wild and creative imagination for a world such as this.

  6. Arwen said,

    Kate, sadly I am a bad reader. 🙂 I have not grabbed one of your books yet. I write shifter tales myself and was staying away from other shifters so I didn’t inadvertently “borrow” from other authors. But now that book 1 is coming out, I’m on a hunt for good shifter stories. So I can’t tell you which book is my favorite. LOL I will be buying the first though. Unless you can read these out of order?

  7. Kate Douglas said,

    Good morning! It’s barely eight here in California, but looks like everyone is up WAY ahead of me! Of course, getting rattled out of bed by a 3.3 earthquake generally gets the juices flowing! Thanks for your comments on the series–I really am having such a blast writing about my Chanku that sometimes I feel as if I’ve sort of floated away from the real world. And Arwen, I understand perfectly! I’m a real fan of shifter stories but I have to be careful about reading those by other authors so that I don’t inadvertently copy someone else’s “voice” or ideas. It’s not such a problem now that my Chanku are fairly well-established and the rules for their world tightly formatted, but in the beginning it definitely was something I had to watch for. I do recommend that the series be read in order–I try to write each story as a stand-alone, but there are so many books now with reoccurring characters that it’s difficult to include sufficient back story.

    I’ll be checking in throughout the day, so if you have any questions, please ask and I will answer anything I can. (I have NO secrets!)

    Audrey, as far as coming up with ideas, I wish I could explain! Wolf Tales started out as an online series with a story around 12,000 words long coming out every six weeks or so through Changeling Press. I’d sit down on a Friday and write through the weekend, never really knowing what was coming next. Now I’m starting the fifteenth title, and while the stories are longer and it takes me longer to write each one, I still haven’t got a clue where I’m going when I first sit down at the computer. At this point, I’ve learned to let my characters lead me. It sometimes feels like channeling! So far, they’ve all been very generous with ideas, thank goodness, but I’ve never been one to plot in advance. It always gets me into trouble. Once I established my “world,” it merely became a matter of mining the stories I could find in it.

  8. teresadamario said,

    I like that phrase, “mining the stories”! Such a perfect decription!

  9. Becky said,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments on “creating” your shapeshifting world. It amazes me that I can sit here and think, yea, I can see that happening!
    I’ve got your first book ordered and will probably be ordering the rest! I think my entire stimulas check is going to end up spent on books! I guess I could have worse vices!

    I was wondering since you mentioned getting the wolf idea for Wolf tales from an actual species in the Himalayas, do you ever see yourself using another creature from a specific part of the world?
    —–anxiously waiting For Wolf Tales here in WV—-

  10. Barb M said,

    Hi Kate! I absolutely LOVE all your books! And I can’t wait until the new Wolf Tales comes out! Your stories and characters really got me hooked on the whole paranormal/shapeshifter “scene”. I’ve even read some of yuour suggestions from your Yahoogroup posts (Lori Foster for one). I really just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing writer and for all the hours of enjoyment I get from reading them all.

  11. Sabrina in VA said,

    I came across Wolf Tales when it was first released – right after a nasty separation. Reading the hot scenes combined with the deep affection of the characters really lifted my spirits. And that you have continued both this successful formula, while expanding & deepening the mythos of the Chanku, and not forgetting previous characters – it truly boggles my mind. I’ve shared the series with several friends, and they’re all squealing about them as well.

    Thank you for some wonderfully touching, and very sensuous reading. And the gorgeous covers with Tony don’t hurt either! 🙂

  12. Susan Lyons said,

    Hi Kate! What an interesting post. I enjoyed the insights into how your Chanku and their special world came about. I know that all of us, whether we write contemporaries about the world we know (as I do) all the way through to highly complex fantasies or sci fi where almost everything is the author’s invention, have to know the world we’re writing about and keep its rules in mind. I’m lazy about research – I tend to do it as questions come up while I’m writing – and then I end up having to go back and revise to incorporate the facts I’ve learned. Anyhow, my question is, if a person is writing about “people” and/or a world that’s imaginary, how much do you think the author needs to work out ahead of time? Does she need to know all the details and rules for that world/species/whatever before she gets started writing? I could see that being tough for writers like me who feel like the story kind of magically comes to them as they type away. Knowing you, I’m pretty sure you don’t do detailed plots ahead of time, you let your characters speak for themselves as they and their relationships develop. But I’m guessing the rules of your world have to be pretty fixed from the beginning – and even more so since you’re writing such a long series and need to keep things consistent?

    Susan Lyons
    For sexy romance that’s intense, passionate, heartwarming and fun!

  13. Elizabeth Amber said,

    Kate! I really enjoyed reading this. It was fascinating to hear how you established your world and characters for Wolf Tales. Thanks!

  14. Sabrina in VA said,

    Oh – I forgot – My favorite book would probably be Sexy Beast II – I really love Mik & AJ’s relationship, and the addition of Tala was worked in beautifully. Although I love them all, and can’t wait for W.T. VI (a friend has WT V waiting for me).

  15. Rhonda aka SandDanz said,

    This is such a fabulous series! I just wanted to stop by and tell Kate hi and say yet again how yummy these book covers are!!! *drool*

  16. Elaine said,

    What I like best of this world is the fact that the women have so much control. They decide when to conceive. They make the change quicker than the men. They don’t just sit back and let them men take care of them, they have something to offer. And I love all the different races involved.

  17. *lizzie starr said,

    world building is such a fascinating thing, Isn’t it. I write the same way you do, Kate…not much of a clue until the characters start acting up. 🙂

    I’ve ‘created’ a couple of worlds now–and amazing thing–now they’re starting to connect with each other. It’s too much fun.

    Thanks for your comments–I love hearing how everyone else does it. 😉

  18. DEBRA in Mich said,


  19. Deidre said,

    That was a very in-depth account of your shifter world, Kate. Thanks for sharing. I certainly couldn’t pick a favorite book though! LOL


  20. Joyce Henderson said,

    Kate. Fabulous post! You have been so open about how “sexy” your writing is that I’ve hesitated to read you. I know, stick in the mud, that’s me. 🙂 But I gotta say, how you build your world is fascinating. I love paranormal work and shapeshifters are one of my favoites, so will go back and get your first book to start “right.” Thanks for sharing.

  21. Sandi P in North Dakota said,

    Hi Kate, just thought I would drop in to check out your blog and was very impressed with the concise explanation of the Chanku world rules. I am a dedicated Wolf Tales fan, found the first book right after it came out and have anxiously awaited each and every story thereafter. I have recommended them to friends and fellow paranormal readers. I just love the power, talents and love contained in this mythical race and am always eager to visit their world. For those who haven’t read the series, I highly recommend it, especially if you love shifters! Kate writes a great tale!

  22. Terri said,

    Hey Kate,

    I’ve loved this series since the Changeling Press ebooks. I’m very happy to see at least 2 new releases yearly. 🙂

    I’ve turned on other paranormal readers to your work and been yelled at for not telling them about you sooner.

    I can’t wait for the next installment.

  23. Becky said,

    Thanks for such an intersting look into the creation of my very favorite stories!!! Each of your stories touches some part of me and makes me feel something!! They are wonderful stories, and SO sexy!! I can’t wait to read each one and find out who’s getting their mate next!!! And thank you for always keeping youremail mailing list up to speed with what’s going on. I’ve won TWO great books through contests you alerted me to. You are awesome!

  24. lucinda betts said,

    Just stopping by to say congrats on your successful series! (Don’t put me in your drawing–I autobuy all your books.) As a big shapeshifter fan, I’m so pleased to see other people loving this subgenre.


  25. Colleen said,

    I love all the background info you have shared… To tell you the truth, I have not had the pleasure of reading your books yet!!! With this blog you have definitely grabbed my attention!!! 🙂

  26. Devyn Quinn said,

    Hi, Kate,
    I, too, read the WT stories when they were at Changeling and I was thrilled when they went to NY! I love the concept of the series precisely because it is so logically explained and makes sense, even though it has fantasy elements. I am sure you will be writing Chanku for many years.

  27. Misty Thomas said,

    I was introduced to the Chanku through a friend. I felt drawn to the characters, their hearts and their sensuality. The origins are believable and well written. I am an addict now. *G* The characters are very real to me and I find myself worrying over them and waiting to read about what will happen next.

    Thank you for giving us insight into the development of your characters and their history. I am an aspiring writer myself and it is always helpful to me to hear about the process that different writers use. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  28. Christy Downs said,

    Hi Kate! Your books are Fantastic Reads! You already know I am a big fan of yours and can’t get enough! Your Chanku World is definately a Fantastic place to get lost in for hours on end. Everyone I introduce your books to say the same thing! For those of you out there that are wondering if its a good read or not…trust me, you can’t put it down! I can’t wait for the next one…I am on serious withdrawal…lol! I am loving Cowboy in My Pocket too! Hope you are well and not to shaken from the quake…been there, done that, think I’ll keep my feet securely in MO!

  29. Meelee said,

    I love all of your Wolf Tales books, but my favorite story has to be Mik, AJ, and Tala. It is the one story I go back and read over and over, although have read through the entire series at least five times now. I eager wait for the next in the series. Your Wolf Tales are the only books that are keepers. Thanks for writing such exciting books.

  30. Kate Douglas said,

    Sheesh…go help hubby for a couple of hours and look what happens in the blogosphere! Thanks for all your very generous comments and your questions–I’ll answer as many as I can before the big guy needs to be fed! (He’s cutting firewood in the forest nearby and needed help–starting May 1 you can get a permit to take out downed trees, and today I was tagged as the official “log roller.” Thank goodness he only cuts the ones UPHILL from the truck!)

    Thanks, Teresa! I think that’s what we as writers do–we mine our characters for ideas! And sometimes, not always, but SOMETIMES, we come up with gold and diamonds…

    Becky–your question could NOT have been more timely. All I can say is, read Wolf Tales VI when it comes out in July! The Chanku are in for a HUGE surprise!

    thanks, Barb, especially for letting me know you like my reading suggestions. I always feel sort of silly when I do that, but I have discovered so many terrific authors and I really love to share.

    Sabrina, thank you so much for sharing your story. There is nothing that gives our work more meaning than knowing we’ve touched someone with a story. Comments like yours are to be treasured.

    Susan, you’re right. I don’t do any plotting ahead of time, to be honest. Most of the details of my Chanku world were worked out over the course of the first set of short stories when it was still an online series, though, as with real life, the rules have expanded as my stories and characters have grown. I keep detailed notes to keep track of the various abilities of each of my Chanku, though now that I’m up to twenty-seven characters (showing up in books not yet published) it’s sometimes confusing when I first start a new story! I want my characters to grow and change the same way real people do, so keeping track of their past is a big part of writing them in the future.

    Rhonda, thank you! I have truly been blessed by the cover gods!!!

    Thanks, Elaine. The matriarchal society was one thing I definitely wanted. The men always defer to their women–even when they don’t like it! But the women also realize the men are physically stronger and need to protect–I like to think each of my characters, no matter what their race or gender, has something important to offer to the pack as a whole. I wish the real world could be more like my imaginary one!

    Lizzie, that’s what makes world building so much fun! We make the rules!!!! (At least, we do when the characters let us…)

    Debra, thank you. Family is what it all comes down to in the end, and I think that’s one of the important messages I want to get across with my Chanku. They see their entire, extended pack as “family,” and love without reservation. Not a bad message, IMHO.

    Thank you, Dierdre!

    Ah, Joyce…another brought over to the dark side! Actually, as sexually graphic as my stories are, none of the scenes are written because the book is supposed to be erotic–in every case, the sex scenes move the plot forward, establish motivation or help to develop a character. I don’t ever write them to be titillating or in any way purely for sexual content–my Chanku are very sensual characters, and the sexuality portrayed in the stories is a valid description of their world.

    Hi Sandi! thanks for stopping by…and you too, Terri…btw, there are FOUR releases every year. The anthologies (see the list above) each have a story that is an important part of the Wolf Tales series. The only one that could probably be skipped is the novella Camille’s Dawn in Wild Nights. It’s the story of Ulrich’s late wife–Anton Cheval, one of the main characters in the series who is also a wizard, brings her back for one night so that she and her husband can work out some serious issues. I absolutely bawled writing the end of that one! (even though it DOES have a HEA!)

    Becky–thanks you! So glad you’ve been lucky with the contests, too. I love being able to give away books–for those of you not on my newsletter, I have a contest monthly–two, actually. One for US residents and one for folks living out of the US.

    Thanks, Lucinda! (Lucinda writes WONDERFUL stories!)

    Colleen, I hope you give the series a shot. I’m really proud of my Chanku!

    Thanks, Devyn (Devyn is one of my most favorite authors–dark, sexy, beautifully written stories!) Making a world logical and believable is probably the most important thing a writer has to do. Otherwise, readers won’t be able to accept the characters as anything beyond one-dimensional cutouts.

    Misty, thank you! And good luck to you. I am a prime example of not giving up. I knew that one day I would be published–I just didn’t expect it to take me twenty years! Luckily, I love the process and I don’t regret a single one of those rejections I got over the years. Each one taught me something, and I like to think all the time spent honing my craft has paid off.

    Got to go feed the big guy! Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I love going out and working on stuff with my husband. After thirty six years of marriage, we still make a really good team!

  31. Darla said,

    I have sexy beast 3…love it love it love it!

  32. Kate Douglas said,

    Hi Christy! I’m pretty used to the “rockin’ and rollin'” we get here in Cobb. We’re very close to a geothermal field where water is injected into steam fields to create power–we average dozens of small quakes every day, though anything over a 3.0 usually is big enough to feel.

    MeeLee, I’ve got a HORRIBLE soft spot for Mik and AJ, and Tala turned out to be their perfect foil. The three of them show up a lot in future stores, especially Chanku Wild coming out in September in Sexy Beast V and again in Wolf Tales VII next January. I imagine I’ll keep bringing them back into the series–they have a lot of secrets I’m still learning.

    Thank you, Darla! It’s just so cool to hear from all of you who are reading and enjoying the series…exciting, too, because as long as the books keep selling, I imagine Kensington will keep asking for more, and I have a LOT of stories to tell about this world!

  33. Paula said,

    Hey Kate, popping by to say hello…WT VIII, gosh it felt like you just finished WT VII. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series…I have to get some work done now, but I will see you at jack’s okay…ttyl..have a blast today…

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  34. Gidget said,

    Hi Kate, I love all of your books. I’m still hoping to meet you in Des Moines on your summer trip. Have a great day.


  35. Doris said,

    Kate, A friend of mine turned me on to your books and I could not be happier. I love to read, and have found a great fascination for paranormal romance. But your books are exceptional. At first I was just reading the Wolf Tales, but recently went out and bought the novellas so I have the whole story.

    The blog on how you created the Chanku is great. I have always wondered how a writer came up their ideas for stories and the insight you gave us is wonderful. I hope you keep coming up with new adventured for the Chanku, I would hate to see it end.

    Thank You for giving me an escape when life gets to rough.

  36. ken mcmillan said,

    My fave Kate Douglas book is “Wolf Tales III.” In this segment of the Chanku series, Jake redeems himself from the “tail gunner” (pun intended) position he used to hold to a productive, sensitive member of an auxiliary pack that he encounters. Bay moves from being a total stranger to being a trusted member of Jake and Shannon’s pack.Thus, character development as well as steamy sex made this one of my favorite books in the genre.

  37. Kate Douglas said,

    Doris, thank you. I should probably admit that WRITING the stories is my escape! I think I function much better sometimes with my imaginary friends than I do in the real world!

    Hi Paula! Thanks for stopping by–I hang out with Paula at Jack’s Bar with Preacher and the gang over on Robyn Carr’s list. Robyn is a most amazing author. She writes stories that have real sticking power. I love her characters and the entire Virgin River setting.

    And Gidget, Des Moines is DEFINITELY a stop I’m going to make. Still checking out bookstores, but I’ll let you know time and place as soon as we get our trip a bit more organized. For those of you not on my newsletter, my husband and I are driving from California to Ohio for Lori Foster’s readers and authors weekend in June. I’m planning stops along the way to meet “newsletter buddies” who live on the route we’re taking. It should be a hoot, and I love the idea of meeting people one on one rather than at big book signings.

    I should tell you something funny–because my series is so sexually graphic, I’ve had other authors ask me what my readers are like, as if I appeal only to people on the fringes of society…and I love being able to tell them the truth. I don’t think there is an author anywhere who has better, kinder, more amazing readers than I do. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of you in person, and there’s not a single one I can’t call a friend. This is a part of publishing I never imagined–the connection you get to make with so many terrific people you would otherwise never have had the chance to meet. You guys are the reason I’m having so much fun with this series, and you are the ones who make it all possible.

  38. Kate Douglas said,

    Hi Ken–thank you. Writing Jake and Baylor was a hoot–I had just discovered the TV series LOST, and had Sawyer in mind when I wrote Jake, and Jack the doctor in my head for Baylor Quinn. It was definitely fun with two really great visuals when I was writing, and even more exciting to get the cover art for Wolf Tales III and see a male model who looked exactly as I’d pictured Bay! That was almost too close for comfort.

  39. Eva S said,

    Hi Kate,
    thanks for your great books! My favorite is Wolf Tales IV, Tinker has always been special and I’m so happy he got his own book!
    Greetings from a fan in Finland!

  40. Kate Douglas said,

    Hi Eva–Tinker is almost cuddly, ya know? When I write his scenes, I find myself sitting here at the computer with a huge grin on my face. So glad you like him, too!

    I’ll be away for a couple hours. Have to run to town for some groceries, but I promise to be back asap and will answer any questions you guys post.

  41. Joyce Ann said,

    Hi Kate, I’ve been enjoying the Chanku books since I discovered them. I know exactly which is my favorite story, but at this time I’m not able to remember who, when or where by name. I can say why though; I really enjoyed the hearatwarming story of the isolated woman who is found by the two men, making a fulfilling relationship for the three. I’m sure you know which one I mean.

    I enjoyed reading this blog today. Thanks!

  42. Virginia H. said,

    Hi Kate, great blog post. Your books sound so good I would love to read one. I have never read any of your books. Count me in on the drawing. Thanks for bloging with us today!

  43. Jeanette Jackson said,

    I don’t really have a favorite..I just love paranormal heroes.
    I would love to win so I can read this book

  44. Teresa Warner said,

    As an avid reader of the Paranormal genre Kate is a new author for me. Glad to see her here today and I must add her reads to my TBR pile.

  45. Lilly Knight said,

    Hi Kate,

    I have not come across any of your books yet, but now that I know about them I’ll be on the look out. I love shapeshifter novels and the heroes in your books sound hot.

  46. Michele aka Mur said,

    Hmmm… if I had to pick a favorite so far I think I’d have to say Wolf Tales III, because I particularly love the the three main characters in this one. To be fair, though, I got behind on my TBR pile and while I have Wolf Tales IV and V, I haven’t read them yet!! So that favorite decision doesn’t count those! It’s funny this blog came up today, just last night I started re-reading Wolf Tales II on my way back up to the ones I haven’t read! lol…

  47. Rachel said,

    wow! What a great thread. Sadly, I have yet to read any of your titles. But now that I have the synopsis, I am all over it! Thanks for being here today. I can’t wait to read your series.

  48. Kate Douglas said,

    Hi Joyce Ann–you must mean Chanku Fallen, the story with Mik, AJ and Tala. Is that the one you’re thinking about? It’s in Sexy Beast II. And thank you!

    Hi Virginia–I hope you do try the series. They really are a lot of fun. You might even check your library–a lot of libraries carry the books, even though they’re erotic romance.

    Jeanette, I’m with you. I love the paranormal stories because the rules fly out the window! So long as they remain consistent within their own world, it’s so much fun to let your imagination fly.

    LOL…I thought you were the same Teresa who is on my newsletter list, and I KNOW she has read the books, because she’s won them before! I do hope you try the series!

    Lilly, I do hope you are able to find them. All of the books, including the first one, are still available, but sometimes you have to ask the bookstore to get in the older titles. The heroes are DEFINITELY hot…would you believe I get thank you notes from husbands? 🙂

    Mur, we do not want to discuss TBR piles! All I can say is, thank goodness my husband rarely comes into my office! It’s almost solid books, and when I went to the store today, I bought two more…bad. BAD girl!

    I’ll check back later in case anyone else posts, but thank you all SO much for coming by and commenting. And thanks to the owners of the shapeshifter romance blog for inviting me! I’ve had a great time today. Just be sure and let me know who the winner is, so I can send a book and a wolf off asap!

  49. Kate Douglas said,

    Hi Rachel–I hope you’ll give the series a chance. There is definitely a lot of sex in them and I don’t even blink at boundaries, so sometimes the stories will take readers outside of their comfort zones, but I like to think there is a strong enough story to make those edgy scenes work. I forgot to mention, too, that I have the first chapter of all my books posted on my website at Just click on the “erotic romance” link, say you’re over eighteen and you can see an excerpt of everything I’ve written for Kensington, Ellora’s Cave and Changeling Press. My Hard Shell Word Factory books are excerpted on the regular romance link at my site.

  50. Jan Douglas said,

    Hi Kate–

    Asking me to pick a favorite Wolf Tales is just ridiculous. I can’t pick a favorite.

  51. Teresadamario said,


    We are so glad you were able to make it by and visit with us. It’s been a whirlwind of a day I tell ya! 🙂 You’ve given everyone a taste of your work, and shown them the type of author you are, and for that, we thank you. We hope you’ll come back again sometime!

  52. Kate Douglas said,

    Thanks so much for having me as a guest, Teresa! I needed a break from the work in progress, and between my husband playing “Ax Man” (and needing me there for my brute strength…right?) and your blog and all the terrific comments, I managed to go an entire day without fiddling with the story. That means I can hit it fresh tomorrow. Let me know who the winner is! And thank you so much! I’ve had ball!!!

  53. Becky Taylor said,

    Hi Kate! Can’t wait for the next Wolf Tales book. I’ve started Sexy Beast. These books just keep you wanting more!!!!!!

    Thank you

  54. Cathy said,

    I am a seamstress and it’s prom and wedding season, so getting to read 1 book a week it lucky right now. I’ve read some of your stories in anthologies, so I have collected Wolf tales 1-4 and Sexy Beasts 1-3 and am taking them with me on my 2 week vacation in June when this season is over. I’ve been trying to pick up Wolf Tales 5 to take it along but have struck out lately. I don’t know you think 8 books is enough for 2 weeks in Hawaii?

  55. Kate Douglas said,

    LOL…read slowly, Cathy! And have fun!!! Our son and his family live on Oahu and I love to go visit. He’s discovered it’s REAL easy to get me to come over to babysit! Have a wonderful trip.

    thank you Becky…because I want to keep writing more!
    g’night, all!

  56. Sue A. said,

    Kate great post! I usually gobble up new books in a series after having waited eagerly between releases. I’m going to have to re-read your books and a pay a little more attention to the details the second time around.

  57. Ali said,

    Hi, Kate! Loved reading you posts 🙂
    Also, love your Chanku series, and I always look forwarding to reading your latest *bg*
    You know… I was lucky enough to receive a book from you at last year’s RT, at the bar after Saturday’s booksigning. Ugh, from both my shyness and exhaustion with the week, I was scared to ask you to sign it, lol… and I just hope I didn’t come off as a snob 🙂

  58. Judi said,

    Hi Kate, great post! I’m embarrased to admit that I have heard of your books, but haven’t had the chance to read one yet. I really want to now though! 🙂

  59. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hi Kate, thanks for sharing your writing process. Hey, I’m not alone! Luv your whole world-building concept and your Chanku. And I have to admit that’s one way I escape with story world-building. It’s good to be the author-Goddess.

  60. Kate Douglas said,

    I hope you find the stories enjoyable on your second go around, Sue. I tend to read and reread favorite books and usually discover something new each time I reread!

    Judi, if you do read any, please let me know what you think! I love getting email from readers.

    I’d agree, Savanna, except I think my characters make the decisions most of the time, which leaves me feeling quite a bit less “goddess-like!”

    Thanks for your comments!

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