Contest Question Friday!

April 25, 2008 at 6:00 am (Contests, General, Lori Devoti)

Stuffed Wolf Puppet
Today win a A Wolf Puppet (donated by Rebecca York)!
For your chance to win, answer the following question in the comments. The winner will be announced one week from today.

QUESTION: What type of shapeshifter can you just not get enough of?


  1. Darla said,

    Oh, please don’t make me answer that…I love them all, I just can’t pick one!

  2. Becky said,

    I agree with Darla! I love them all too! But if I have to choose, I’d have to say the sleek and sexy werewolf. They are so strong, intelligent, playful, loving and loyal-=-that’s who I would choose to hold on to–

  3. Dina said,

    I, like Becky, love the werewolf shapeshifter the most.
    They are beautiful as both animal and man and powerful.

  4. *lizzie starr said,

    Shapeshifters, yes! Choose a favorite, no!

    Okay, then today I’ll say dragon shifters. Although the next werewolf, or werecat or whatever shifter book I read might change my mind.

    Guess I need to keep reading until I have a favorite, huh? 🙂

  5. Caitlin Hoy said,

    All of Them! : ) But I really love cat & wolf shifters and I have to admit that when they change into mythical creatures like dragons thats my favorite.

  6. Beth R said,

    I agree I love all different kinds

  7. kanarytx1 said,

    I love the wolf shapshifter most of all.

  8. Sierra Wolfe said,

    For me, it will always be the wolf! I love them. I like all kinds of shifters, but the wolf has my heart. I can never get enough of them.

  9. Becca Kent said,

    I love the werewolf shapeshifters! The wild nature in both animal and man form is such a rush!

    The eyes of a wolf are so beautiful. I can just visualize a sexy man with eyes like that! (yummy)

  10. Donna said,

    I’ve always been enamored of werewolves, so they’re my favorite.

  11. Bridget said,

    Dragons!! And Wolves!! Dragons because they can be any size, color and they breath fire. Wolves because they’re strong, sexy, soft and hard, loyal, family oriented, protective.

  12. Pam P said,

    I like them all, too. One I’d like to see more stories about is a selkie, not many of those books to be found. My nephews would love your wolf puppet, Rebecca, and not just the youngest ones.

  13. Colleen said,

    Wolves are my choice… It is amazing how different authors create such different versions of the wolf shape shifters!

  14. Deidre said,

    Currently, I would say a were-tiger, like Quinn in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie books. A bald head when human and a full-sized tiger when he shifts. That’s hot!


  15. Jennifer Y. said,

    I like reading about wolves or big cats.

  16. Greta said,

    I’m most familiar with werewolves and were cats. So I will stick with those two.

  17. Kristie said,

    Definately Dragon Shapeshifters. Large, protective, and good for transportation too.

  18. Beth C. said,

    Wolves. I love werewolf stories. Dragon and Tiger shifters are good too. Not too fond of the panther shifters but hey not everyone is perfect.

    Beth C.

  19. Crystal B. said,

    My favorites are wolves and cats. 🙂

  20. Drea said,

    If I had to pick out of them all, which is hard, I would pick leopards or jaguars. They are my favorite cat and they just have a fierce/territorial attitude that I love.

  21. Lori Devoti said,

    Ah, hellhounds need some love too. 🙂

  22. Jean Patton said,

    I always like wolves

  23. Wendy said,

    It’s hard to choose but I’ll go with werewolves, something about letting the wildness is fabulous and sexy. 😀 I like any type of cat. And ooooh, dragons!

  24. AlainaLee said,

    despite the fact that i love almost any kind.. i would have to say the felines.. any of the cats.. are my all time fav.

  25. Rachel said,

    were tigers~and panthers

  26. :Candice: said,

    mmmmm, wolf, of course I love the feline shifters also

  27. JUDY COX said,

    I love the wolf, mainly because that was the first shape shifter book I read. I really enjoy checking out all the different animals and things that are being shape shifted.

  28. bunnyb said,

    I think cats and wolves are sexxxxxaay! 🙂

  29. Donna said,

    Oh its so hard to pick. I am a cat person at heart so I love cat shifters but even they can not compare to wolves. They are so furry and cute as wolves and so strong and sexy as humans.

  30. shreela said,

    The biggest, baddest, intimidating alpha that’s also the wisest, mature, patient, and caring. The ones that would risk life and limb in a split second to protect their loved ones. That’s the ‘type’ I can’t live without.

  31. Loretta W said,

    That is a hard one to answer because I now read about all the shiftshapers that are all there now. But the first I one I read about was the wolves so I guess I would pick them.

  32. Cathy said,

    You have got to be kidding. That is like picking a favorite author! Everyone has there good points and bad times.
    I think the idea of being able to “cuddle” a predator draws us to the story and one that is strong enough to fight our battles pumps us up. I love dragon shifters, but if I had to share space I think I’d prefer a 7′ tiger blanket rather than dog breath.

  33. Jennybrat said,

    Dragons! Love their beauty and arrogance.

  34. Ann M. said,

    Hmm.. I guess wolves because I just said I would love to shapeshift into one. 🙂

  35. Valerie said,

    Hope I’m not too late. I definitely love wolf shifters! I think my second favorite would have to be feline shifters, but wolves really rock my world.

  36. Tiffany said,

    I love cat shape shifters. Cats are a naturally sexy creature. Sleek and agile. If i could pick a animal to transform into it would most definitely be a cat.

  37. Lilly Knight said,

    Werewolves or werecats, decisions, decisions. Well, the werewolves win by a nose.

  38. scooper said,

    Werecats. I love them.

  39. Tina said,

    I love shifters!!! give me the animal males!!

  40. Sarah Mäkelä said,

    Werewolves and werecats! 🙂

  41. Shari C said,

    That is a really tough question as they are all so great. If I have to pick though, it would be werewolves and dragons. Dragons are so majestic and awesome while werewolves are very strong, sensual and beautiful plus they mate for life and protect and stand by their females and packs.
    I love the Moon series by Rebecca York and am looking forward to reading Ghost Moon.

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