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Heart of the Wolf
I started out writing the softer paranormal–psychics, ghostly entities, even in Winning the Highlander’s Heart, the heroine has glimpses of future visions and is sure she is cursed when it comes to marriage. But then after loving Dracula since I was a teen, I started writing vampire romances. Then EVERYONE was writing vampire romances. So I thought what else?

I wrote a futuristic where the heroine shapeshifts into a panther and her brother, a dragon. So that was my first shapeshifter story. But I finally decided on werewolves. In part, because I loved reading mythology and legends when I was growing up, and partly because I loved Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London. The images he created for me about wolves stuck with me all those years, and I didn’t even realize it until I was asked so many times, why werewolves?

Because wolves can see better, hear better, sense smells better, run better…yet in some ways are like our steadfast companion dogs. Okay, so Little Red Riding Hood comes to mind too. “All the better to see you with, my dear…” Or something to that effect.

But when I was creating my werewolf world, I wanted something that was as believable as a shapeshifter novel could get–and sexy. So lupus (Latin for wolves) garou (the French version is loup garou for werewolves) were born. And in this world, the werewolves are sexual creatures, they keep their shapeshifting abilities secret, and they have what I love to create most of all in my stories–a love for their mate that is for all time.

If you were made a goddess or god for the day and were asked to create a new shapeshifter creature, what would it be, and why?

Terry Spear,, Author of Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf, Betrayal of the Wolf, Allure of the Wolf


  1. Michele Hauf said,

    Terry, I’m reading Heart Of The Wolf right now, and I’m loving it! Awesome cover.

    What creature would I create? Hmm,,,well I once did a werefrog in one of my fantasy stories, but that would just be creepy. I’m still very partial to cats. I know they’re common, but a shapeshifting cat would be anything but common.

  2. terryspear said,

    Thanks so much, Michele!!!! Yeah, I was so pleased about the cover. Sometimes they can be really too busy, but this one was just right!

    That’s too funny about the werefrog! I did read the story about the heroine who wanted to find a special frog to create a name for herself, and found the hero! Can’t think of the title offhand, but I loved the story because she was disappointed he wasn’t this really special frog. 🙂

    I remember a story years ago where a woman changed into a black cat. But I think she was evil as I recall.Then I’ve seen the panther ones too. They’re pretty sexy. But I think none of them were happily ever afters! 🙂

    Thanks again, Michele! I’m so used to blogger, that I’m trying to get used to navigating wordpress.

  3. Nicole North said,

    Great post, Terry! I love any sort of shapeshifter. I hadn’t seen too many birds so the hero in my novella for Red Sage is a hawk shifter. It was fun to write from his point of view when he was flying. 🙂

  4. terryspear said,

    Super, Nicole! Now I had read a YA, Hawksong, that I loved where one was a snake shifter and the other a hawk. I never thought the two could get together, but it was really a great read.Can’t wait to read yours when it’s out in print! 🙂

  5. teresadamario said,

    If I were a goddess, able to create my own creature, I’d reach into mythology’s bag and start there. My first thought is a Pegasaus. Oh yes. winged horse! Not as “pure” as the sweet unicorn, with the horse possessive instincts. His human side will make him want only ONE mate as opposed to many.

    I’d love flying on his back, letting him take me to that deserted island!

  6. terryspear said,

    Hmm, yes, Teresa, I loved Pegasus! And I loved seeing him in several mythological movies. A shapeshifter? Now that’s a neat idea! 🙂

  7. teresadamario said,

    LOL oh yeah, he can put me in that golden cage and fly me away – only he better be the one opening it at the other end. LOL.

  8. rainedelight said,

    Love the post Terry.

    If you were made a goddess or god for the day and were asked to create a new shapeshifter creature, what would it be, and why?

    Oh man what a hard choice….*grins* I think I would love to see a cross between a dragon and a gryphan. *sigh* Each alone would be wonderful to behold but both, *shivers* Stir the senses and makes me wonder what would happen. 🙂

    Raine Delight

  9. terryspear said,

    Thanks, Raine! Hmm, now I’m trying to visualize! 🙂 I’ve written about some gryphans too in some of my fantasies…and they were not fond of the dragons…so that would be an interesting mix!

  10. Gracen Miller said,

    Great post, Terry, and very thought provoking question! I’ve got a book started with a were-type creatue as the secondary character, but who I plan on becoming the hero in the second book. He is a gargoyle and he does shapeshift. He’s not the traditional stone-like creature one sees perching at the top of a building. He is a protector of sorts, but he’s far from stone. Of course, I’m “planning” on him being a secondary character in a “second” book, but at the rate he’s writing himself, he’s going to be the hero in the “first” book. He doesn’t like being second rate. =) *wink*

  11. Rebecca York said,

    Hum. What about Odo in Deep Space 9. He could be anything he wanted–even a door stop–so he could spy on people, and they didn’t even know he was there. Of course, he had the sex appeal of a lox. So that part’s no good.

    My heroine in NEW MOON comes from my alternate universe. She shifts into a white wolf or a white bird of prey–depending on what she wants to be. I did a video for the book (on my web site under gallery), and one reader told me that for a moment, he thought she shape shifted into a “chicken.” Reah right. Very sexy. But yes, birds have a lot of appeal for me. I love the idea of being able to take off and look down on the earth. And also being able to go anywhere I wanted.


  12. Beth R said,

    I like the Pegasus idea, and the bird idea.
    I’m partial to big cats also.
    What about Whales or sharks or something in the water?

  13. terryspear said,

    Gracen-thanks! I just read a story with a gargoyle, not a shapeshifter and he’s pretty stony…but I kept hoping he’d become sexier! 🙂 They’re protective and I think for a hero, that’s so important!

    Rebecca, I had to laugh about your Odo comment. Yes, I thought it was neat that he could melt into anything. 🙂 But you’re right when you say he lacked sex appeal. Birds are great. Free to go anywhere. I had a couple of my vampires change into ravens to spy on people. 🙂 That was fun.

    Beth–water creatures, yes. I think of sexy ones like sirens of the sea–mermaids and mermen. I guess they’re not really shapeshifters though unless they grow legs and can walk the earth. And then I’ve read a couple of books that have selkies, human/seal shapeshifters, that are very sexy. 🙂 There’s something about the silkiness of water that’s conducive to romantic interludes. 🙂

  14. *lizzie starr said,

    I’m in the midst of creating a new mythology for a race of dragon shifters. It’s a lot of fun, but doesn’t necessarily make me feel very goddess-like. 🙂 Not when the characters are directing the shape of their world!

    I’ve also a hero who’s, oh, a half-shifter–from man to centaur. So that’s interesting. Like with a pegasus, you could ride of into the sunset.

  15. Darla said,

    I’ve always gone gaga over the wolf and big cat shifters, mostly because they are sleek and predatory. They exude confidence and pride and are a symbol of freedom.

  16. Audrey M. said,

    All of those are great ideas. I would create a being who can shapeshifter into either another person or animal as the situation fits. He or she would be a chameleon, able to take the shape of another person if necessary. We have a lot of animal shifters but not shifters who can replace another human being. That’s what I would create.

  17. terryspear said,

    Lizzie–dragon shifters, and a centaur shifter–sounds intriguing.

    Darla–Yeah, I like the wolf and big cat shifters. 🙂

    Audrey–I like that idea too…kind of like in the Star Trek movie where that creature turned into a beautiful woman of some species, but in reality was something entirely different, trying to seduce Cpt Kirk. 🙂 That always stuck in my mind as a pretty neat gift.

  18. Wendy said,

    Ooooh, I’d love to read about a gargoyle shape shifter! I get so giddy just thinking about it, lol.

  19. Sierra Wolfe said,

    Well, I was going to say horse, but now that I’ve heard the Pegasus idea, that changes things. I have to go with that, what could be better than an winged horse? Love it!

  20. Ashley Ladd said,

    I would be a werecat. I love cats. They’re graceful, smart, independent, sassy, and have 9 lives. 🙂

  21. Cathy said,

    Read about ever creature mentioned in a shifter book somewhere, expect Pegasus and unicorns, but Kate Hill did do centaurs with wings.
    My favorites are dragons. big cats and wolves.
    As a goddess I want something as strong as a dragon, as sensual as a cat, flies like an eagle and faithful like a swan.
    Ah… has a Phoenix been done yet?

  22. Pam P said,

    I like Darla’s idea for a chamelon shifter, changing to whatever creature fits a given situation, or his/hier mood, could be very ineresting. Though I don’t know if I’d also have him/her change into another person, semms something more a villian would do, treachery and deceit and all that.

  23. Dina said,

    I enjoy the werewolf shapeshifters, because they are powerful and beautiful.

  24. Rachel said,

    I am going out on a limb here and saying squirrel. Now don’t get me wrong. Scary movies have been made out of worms! Why not a squirrel. The ultimate secret agent, fast, cute and pretty sharp teeth.

  25. LeighSavage said,

    How about a Unicorn Shape shifter they are beautiful on their own but if they could change into human form just image the unearthly beauty they would have.

  26. Robin Snodgrass said,

    Werewolves! Followed by cat shifters!

  27. terryspear said,

    Pam–I’d have to agree, the chameleon kind of creatures do seem sneaky and villainous. Great villain though!

    Rachel, too funny about a squirrel. It makes me think of ferrets, great thieves. 🙂

    Leigh–I wrote about one in a fantasy, and they make me think of Legend…really neat story. Magnificant creatures. Oh, and Star Dust had one too.

    Robin–werewolves and cat shifters are my favorites too! There’s something powerful and sensual about them.

    Though, some of the new ideas, winged horses, dragon shapeshifters, gargoyles, even a squirrel…there’s possibility! I guess what makes them the most fascinating, is what they turn into when they hook up with the opposite sex and how their shapeshifting side fits into the scheme of things! 🙂 Terry

  28. Sarah Mäkelä said,

    I’m old fashioned I guess, but I’d still go for werewolves and cats. 🙂

  29. red032558 said,

    Kate I love your Wolf series. I have read all of them am waiting for the next one. I go to your web site periodicaly checking to see when the next comes out. Love it. Take care.

  30. wendy s. said,

    wolves are my favorite, I raise hybrid wolves they are fasinating animals. I’m hooked on the wolf tales series, keep them comming, I love the world you come up with. I would like to see your idea on angles. I’m fasinaced with them. Love the way you see the world.

  31. wendy s. said,

    The one thing I love about your books, is that you don’t just see one race, you see and appricate the whole world. Bless you.

  32. terryspear said,

    Wendy–that’s so interesting that you raise wolf hybrids! 🙂
    Heart of the Wolf

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