Contest Question Thursday!

April 24, 2008 at 6:00 am (Contests, General, Lori Devoti)

Tempting Sin
Today win a copy of Tempting Sin by AJ Hampton (eBook)!
For your chance to win, answer the following question in the comments. The winner will be announced one week from today.

QUESTION: Historical, contemporary or futuristic? What setting do you like for shapeshifter novels–and why?


  1. Andrea Cummings said,

    I would have to say contemporary becuase 1) I am not a great fan of futuristic 2) And I hate to say this but I normally go more for fangs than fur, but I’m coming more over to the furry side and havn’t found as many historicals from the era I like.

  2. Becky said,

    Another question that really makes me think– And it’s still so early!
    I would have to say that I really like the contemporary best–but that’s probably because that’s mostly what I read. I would love some recommendations for a good historical and futuristic shifter book to try. I may end up changing my mind!

  3. Gracen Miller said,

    Hmmmm…I can’t think of a single paranormal book I’ve read that is set in the future or is a historical. So, I guess I read more contemporary. I’m not opposed to trying the others though, if I should ever find one. Thanks for blogging with us today, Teresa! — G

  4. J.K. Coi said,

    I think paranormals are more popular as contemporaries, but I have read a few that take place in a historical setting, and they have been really good too. I think it depends more on how the author handles the integration of the time and place into the story.

  5. AJ said,

    I have to say Paranormal all the way. Not that I’m against contemp in any shape way or form! Heck, I write some of it 🙂 I’m probably going to get shot…but…I’ve never read a historical. *ducks* I don’t know, I could never really get into it.

    But, after seeing Collin Firth in P&P… yum. Did anyone else just want to rip off his breeches?

    Sorry, side tracked. LOL. – AJ

  6. *lizzie starr said,

    Like most of you, I’ve read mostly contemp shifters. Historically those I’ve read have been regency set. and not bad at all. There’s more futuristic shifters from small/e presses I’m thinkin’.

    The sub-sub genres, like historical shifters, are a niche that hasn’t been fully discovered yet. But it’s out there–and in my head with a dragon shifter cowboy as a wip.

    all that said–I’ll read ’em all.

  7. JUDY COX said,

    I would say historical because I am a big historical reader. There are not alot of them out there yet, but I am sure they are coming. I really enjoy most all genres, so keep all of them coming and I will read them..

  8. teresadamario said,

    I Prefer the contemporary, but on occasion someone is able to hold my attention in a historical. It’s difficult. I’m not a big historical fan in general. I don’t like “period speak”, because it takes away from the flow of the book. I finally found there’s an author who does both and i love her contemporary, but have trouble with her historical. It’s the “period speak” is why. She’s accurate – no doubt about it. Just doesn’t work for me.

    That being said, I read Tempting Sin a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 Very intense, very sexy. If you like shifters and vampires both, and you like ’em hot, this is the book for you!

  9. Peaches Girl said,

    Furturistic, with a twist of paranormal….yes thats what gives me a happy. I think contemp. is good too but I cant seem to get into the historical. Just give me some good paranormal, with loads of smut*teehee*

  10. Darla said,

    Contempary would be my main choice though I like all three.

    Historically it would have been much easier to hide one’s other self, but yet also harder since they were so much more superstitious.

    In the future I would think that because of superior technology that it would nearly impossible to hide a shifter. So I’d like to think that they had been outed and had become an everyday part of society. The great story would come from their struggle to get there.

    The best part of contemporary is that I could be there to see it or maybe even be converted!

  11. Drea said,

    I prefer contemporary for my shapeshifters. I really like historical, but just plain romance for the historical. I have read a few futuristic shapeshifter novels and really liked them, but I prefer it in the here and now.

  12. Bridget said,

    contemporary or futuristic — I like to imagine they are with us now or could be in the future (have someting to look forward to). As a child I lived in a dreamworld that I’ve never grown out of.

  13. Colleen said,

    I would have to say all of the above… There seem to be so many settings in which creative authors are able to make their characters come to life in… I enjoy the variety!!! 🙂

  14. Patricia said,

    Many of the paranormals written today are urban fantasy and I like that mixture of the contemporary world with a, sometimes hidden, supernatural world. Having said that I also enjoy historical settings especially those of the victorian era.

  15. Beth R said,

    I love any setting for a shape shifter book!
    I guess I like contemps the best but I’ll read just about any setting

  16. Jennybrat said,

    Anything goes as long as the author can transport me into that setting.

  17. char said,

    the setting really doesn’t matter to me as long as the story line is good.wolf and feline shifters are my favorite,but I do enjoy nagas, dragons and other assorted shifters too

  18. Moondancerdrake said,

    I think they all have thier merits, but as a writer (and reader) I prefer comtempoary as a setting simply because it makes the reality of the shapeshifters seem more tangible to me.

  19. Pamk said,

    would have to be contemporary or futuristic. Not much into a historical books. Too hard for the heroines of old.

  20. cathy m said,

    I tend to read more contemporary stories in general, so that would be my choice for shapeshifter storylines too. Tweaking the shapeshifter theme for today’s world just seems more interesting to me.

  21. Lauren McIntyre said,

    I think I have to go with contemporary on this one. I like to imagine shapeshifters alive and thriving in the world I live in. Gives me something sexy to fantasize about!

  22. Christy Poff said,

    I’ve written werewolves in both contemporary (Eyes of Darkness series) and historical (War in Darkness series) and I find it’s a toss up between the two. Vampires can transcend any genre though I’m not into the futuristic ones becasue the vamps always wind up being so strange.

  23. Tara W said,

    I would go with the contemporary shifter story line. I remember reading one futuristic shifter story and a couple of historical ones. Contemporary is by far my favorite. It’s fascinating to have the idea that other beings are out in the modern world.

  24. Crystal B. said,

    My choice would be contemporary.

  25. Berrytilly1 said,

    Most seem to be in modern day. I think I would like to see one that is historical for a change. We modern day gals take things in stride. But what would a girl from the 1800’s or earlier think?

  26. shreela said,

    Contemporary, with occasional backstory about feuds or how they became shifters which would be historical. Kind of like Buffy and Angel’s backstories (I so looked forward to their backstories after a while).

    If it was futuristic, then I’d like plenty of scifi in it. Or maybe the shifters presence has become public, since it’s becoming harder and harder to keep secrets with technology. Maybe they’d have to travel to a newly colonized planet to escape persecution, or the powers that be wanting to force them to become elite soldiers or assasins.

  27. AlainaLee said,

    i am more of a contemporary person.. usually gives me something to relate to..
    historicals.. ive read some of Ronda thompsons.. they were ok, but i get to frustrated with how the women are expected to act.. futuristic are alright as well.. only read a couple (in anthologies) but hope to read more of them in the soon…

  28. Greta said,

    The only shapeshifters I’ve read have been set in a contemporary romance, since that’s what I’m familiar with, I’ll say contemporary.

  29. Audrey M. said,

    I have read paranormals that have settings in all three categories. But, it depends on how the authors presents the story on whether or not that setting works. I have read historical paranormals that were fabulous, then turn around a read a contemporary paranormal that was terrible. The futuristics ones have normally been about shapeshifter, however I’m reading one now that have vampires in an alternate universe. So, it depends on how the author presents it and on the preference of the reader.

  30. Dina said,

    I like Historical, but more contemporary. I like it in the same time as I live now. I do like time travel alot though, I’m happy with most everthing, lol.

  31. Keena Kincaid said,

    For shapeshifters, I like contemporary settings simply because the wildness of the beast within contrasts nicely with our “oh so civilized world (note sarcasm). And, not that you asked, but for the softer paranormals (witches, seers, etc., ) I prefer historical settings because the stakes are much higher.

  32. Sierra Wolfe said,

    Personally, I like contemporary because it makes me feel like it’s possible in this day and age. Historicals are ok too, but contemporary are still my favorites. I’m not much into the futuristic.

  33. Debra Guyette said,

    I son’t like them as historicals. NOt sure why but I like them better as contemporary or futuristic.

  34. Linda said,

    I’m a contemporary reader.

  35. :Candice: said,

    I like it in any time setting, it’s great to read the authors take on the future, like Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changleing series, or historical can be good also, like Lucy Monroe’s Children of the Moon series, whatever the time setting shifter books are the best 😉

  36. Holly Colfer said,

    Tho I am a fan of all shape-shifter settings I do find myself more intriuged with contemporary settings simply because I have more of a mental reference in my head to go by when imagining the scenes.

  37. Cathy said,

    Up until a few years ago most most paranormal was in historical or futuristic. Even Feehan wrote of shifters in the past. I love history, and the idea of what can be in the future is as different as the next author.
    I read contemporary only because that is the trend for right now in shifter books. I live in the here and now, I read to escape that.
    Throw in some “back when” or “what world they came from” or “what it will be like” and I’ll pick up that author’s books again.

  38. Donna said,

    Com temporary. I like to read stories that are alternate versions of reality.

  39. Ann M. said,

    I’m more love shapeshifters in any timeframe. Although most of them I’ve read are either contemporary or futuristic.

    I enjoy it when the author creates the futuristic world with shapeshifters.

  40. Caitlin Hoy said,

    I prefer contemporary and futuristic but will still read historical. The reason I prefer contemporary & futuristic is simply because it feels more like it could still happen right now. I don’t necessarily beleive in shapeshifters but when I read a book about them I want to at least believe the storyline.

  41. Donna said,

    My first thought was to choose historical. But then I realized that would be a bad idea due to prejudice and ignorance of the past. I can easily picture lynching and stake burning during the witch hunt of early America.

    So I decided to go for futuristic. As a shifter during the future, hopefully ignorance and prejudice would be conquered and people are more accepting of differences despite the color of the skin (aka fur) and shape (thin or four-legged).

    Contemporary is okay, but I’m not really fond of secrecy (hiding your true self from others).

  42. Deidre said,

    I would say contemporary, it just seems to fit better and it’s what I enjoy reading more.


  43. Jennifer Y. said,

    I like all three, but I think I prefer contemporary better…but only because I haven’t read many historical or futuristic shapeshifter stories.

  44. Cynthya said,

    I like them all. I’ve read some really good werewolf historicals but would like to read historicals with other kinds of shapeshifters as well. I can’t think of any futuristic shapeshifter books off the top of my head but I’d certainly be interested in reading them. I like a lot of variety in what I read.

  45. Rachel said,

    I like contemporary for the most part, but futuristic is not too shabby either. I don’t think I have read any historical shifter books yet. I should check them out. 🙂

  46. bunnyb said,

    Contemporary! I’m not a fan of futuristic nor historical 😛

  47. Loretta W said,

    I would have to say historical and contemporary. If your have a shiftshaper who line of shifters are family related then you know that it would have started in a historical book. Or if they got bitten by a shiftshaper then it would still have to be from historical times or contemporary. Gee, it seems like I am repeating myself here. lol

  48. LeighSavage said,

    All – how can one choose if the story line is good and you are drawn in by the charters then they are all good. I suppose if choosing just one I’d have to save Contemporary then just because I can relate a little more.

  49. Lilly Knight said,

    I don’t mind, as long as the story is good and the characters are interesting, then whether the story is in the past, the now or the future won’t influence me. But if I had to choose, I guess I would go with contemporary.

  50. scooper said,

    Contemporary because it’s easier to immerse myself in.

  51. Sarah Mäkelä said,

    I’d go for anything if it’s good, but I love contemporary.

  52. Savanna Kougar said,

    Wow! Glad I read this post. Since I write shifter stories and have a futuristic out right now. And am polishing a contemp. I know what I love to read and write, but as an author it’s great to know what everyone else loves to read.

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