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April 23, 2008 at 7:15 am (Guest Bloggers) (, , , )

Posted by Teresa D’Amario

Not too long ago a friend sent me a book and said “Read this, you’ll like it.” I put it on the top of my to be read list (This person knows me well) and I am very glad I did. The Book? Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke. And I am pleased to present MS. Deborah Cooke as our first Guest Author:

So without further ado, I turn you over to Deborah Cooke, author of Kiss of Fire.

Kiss of Fire

I love dragons. Always have. Their appearance in a story means adventure and action are on the menu. If there are dragons, there’ll be fighting and fireworks. Even better, there’ll be a hunky hero to challenge the dragon. The stakes will be high – the pair will fight to the death. The eye candy is fabulous, too – imagine the dragon, streaking through the night sky, scales gleaming as he breathes fire.

The hero isn’t all bad to look at either, standing on the village walls in chain mail, sword raised, defiant even though the odds are against him. Who’s a girl to cheer for?

The dragon, after all, is a formidable fighting machine. All lean sinewy strength. All power. Fire is a formidable weapon, and dragons are reputed to be clever, too. They’re supposed to like riddles, to collect hoard, to admire women, to have deep throaty laughs. Dragons are reputed to be able to cast spells on humans and beguile them. If you were a damsel captured by a dragon, trapped in his treasure hoard while he tried to charm you, would you have a chance against him? These powerful creatures are said to have a hidden vulnerability, too, a missing scale that leaves their skin unprotected in one spot. That’s the only spot where they can be wounded. What’s not to love about an apparently invincible creature with a secret vulnerability?

No doubt about it – there’s something dangerous and sexy about dragons.Dragon

But then, the hero is powerful and sexy, too. There’s something great about a man willing to die in defense of his fellows. What’s not to love about a man who knows he can’t win, but enters the fray anyway, just because it’s the right thing to do? The best heroes, as we all know, have secrets, too. They have a weakness or an injury from the past that hampers them in gaining the triumph they deserve. Secrets make heroes dimensional, sympathetic, more human.

More sexy.

Maybe we don’t have to choose whether we should cheer on dragons or heroes. Because, even though the hero and the dragon are rivals, they have a lot in common. They each fight for a principle, believing in it enough to fight to the death. They’re both powerful, principled fighting machines. They’re both dangerous – they can and do kill – but they fight for the cause they believe to be right. They both have strengths and vulnerabilities, hopes and fears.

What if the two traditional opponents were two sides of the same man?

What if the hero’s secret was that he was a dragon?

He’d have to be a dragon shape shifter – and his would be one whopper
of a secret.

Meet the Pyr of my Dragonfire series. These are the guys I cheer for!

I’ve written about shape shifter heroes before. In ENCHANTED, the hero was cursed to take the form of a wolf half of the time. Only love could break the curse, but he didn’t believe in love. In THE MAGICIAN’S QUEST, the hero had a hereditary ability to change into a panther. His changes were triggered by passion – playing with the old motif of the man conquering the beast within himself – so the heroine’s presence was challenging to him. Both of these titles are out of print.  I really enjoyed writing about
shape shifters – those men with their secrets! – but I really fell in
love with the idea of dragon shape shifters.

My Pyr are dragon shape shifters – their ability is passed genetically in the male line. They live a long time, although they are not immortal, and they each have – at most – one chance to conceive an heir. Their mating sign is called the firestorm – quite literally, sparks fly between the Pyr hero and his destined mate. Major firestorms are signalled by an eclipse and they last only until the next eclipse. In each book, a Pyr meets his mate and his match, and needs to consummate his firestorm to make more Pyr. Most of them would prefer to not surrender their secrets in exchange – but all of my human heroines demand more information than that! They’re smart, demanding women who know what they want, the perfect matches for men with this kind of a secret, and they each challenge their Pyr to become more than what he already is.

Meanwhile, they’re fighting against bad dragons – Slayers – in a last
ditch effort to save the world. Action and adventure are indeed on the

The first Dragonfire book is KISS OF FIRE which was released in February
2008. The second book is Donovan’s book, KISS OF FURY which will be released in August 2008. Book three is Erik’s book, KISS OF FATE, which will be released in February 2009.

You can win an Advanced Reading Copy of KISS OF FURY here today, just by commenting on this post. Tell me why you like dragons (if you do) or why you like shape shifter heroes. Let’s talk about men with big


  1. AJ Hampton said,

    First of Deborah, let me say welcome to the blog!! Your books sound amazing!! I am thrilled at getting a chance to read a series that is different, edgy. I enjoy shape shifting novels, but I also enjoy reading things that are different. Dragon shape shifters are few and far between!

    And you are right, what is not to love? Secrets can make or break you, and the idea of a hot, burning firestorm… I can just imagine how much passion you will pack into these novels.



  2. Deborah said,

    Thanks Teresa for putting the post together. It looks great! And thanks for the welcome, AJ. I’m having too much fun with my dragon dudes and all their various secrets.

  3. Michele Hauf said,

    Welcome, Deborah! I’ve never read a dragon shifter story before, so now I have to rush out and get this book! What’s the setting of the stories? American? European? All over?

  4. teresadamario said,

    Hi Deborah! You are very welcome. I certainly have enjoyed not only working with you, but heck, reading your book. 😀 I never thought of dragon shifters as all that sexy till I read yours. 🙂 I love the story of the Smith.

  5. Rebecca York said,

    From Rebecca York–
    I always find it fascinating how yesterday’s monster becomes today’s sexy romance hero. It’s happened with vampires. With werewolves–and now dragons! Wow, you make these guys sound yummy. Did you do a lot of dragon research?

  6. Chris said,

    I have always been fascinated with dragons and their legends.The very thought of Dragons is sexy and I think it is Fabulous that your are doing a whole series about them! Looking forward to reading your books and may they all be HOT HOT HOT!!!
    **SMILES & HUGS**

  7. Andrea Cummings said,

    First can I just say, how great this place is, so many of my favourite authors on the one site. For me I like the whole shape shifter thing because they come from species that always have an alpha male and boy do we love our alpha males. And there characteristics are based on those of the animals, territorial, loyalty etc and most of all claiming their mates. Anyway look forward to visiting here on a regular basis.

  8. J.K. Coi said,

    Whoops, posted on the wrong thread there.

    Deborah, I loved Kiss of Fire, and I’m eagerly waiting for Kiss of Fury. Your dragons are amazing, and I’m very glad that you took the leap into paranormal.

  9. Lisa Mason said,

    OOh,Dragons! Well, I have to say, I am very intrigued. I did encounter one dragon shapeshifter in a short story I read . I must admit, it could be a change from all the werewolves and vampires I have been reading lately. (not that I don’t love my werewolves and vampires ,etc, ) but dragons. I think I would like to check it out…

  10. *lizzie starr said,

    Dragon shifters can very easily be a favorite of mine, both for reading and for writing. Dragons are sensual..hoo boy are they. Makes me quiver just to think of… Besides the inherent sexuality of shifters, there’s also often that mental link, both a blessing and a curse at times. Ultimate sharing.

  11. Crystal B. said,

    Wow, your books sound good. I have never read a dragon shapeshifter. I like shapeshifters because they are mysterious and sexy and they are full of surprises. 🙂

  12. Jennifer St. Giles said,

    Looking forward to reading Kiss of Fire and Kiss of Fury Deb. And LOL Rebecca York is so so right. Yesterdays monsters are today’s sexy heros from the dark side of the tracks. Great Blog Teresa!

  13. limecello said,

    You know, I haven’t read any dragon shifter books, but I’m definitely interested! The last dragon books I read were by Anne McCaffrey, and M. Kellog’s elemental dragon books – none of those were shifters.
    I love shifter books because there’s something so interesting and primal about the characters. There’s the uncertain characteristic- where you’re not always sure if the animal or man will win out. Fascinating.

  14. Darla said,

    Stories of Dragon shifters change my childhood perseption from puff the magic dragon to dead sexy & down right loveable!

  15. Pamk said,

    love dragons and always have. The first book in this series rocks and cannot wait for the 2nd one. If your ever down near chattanooga tn they have museum called dragon dreams. It’s fantastic 4 rooms of nothing but dragons and some of the neatest stuff in the gift shop. It’s run by a big game vet. Makes you wonder whether she’s ever worked on any draongs lol.

  16. Colleen said,

    I first fell in love with dragons as a kid… Figment in Disney was my favorite character and I had to leave Disney World with his stuffed toy in hand!!! Through the years my love for these amazing and beautiful creatures has stayed with me… I may be a dragon on the chinese zodiac, but I wish I could be one for a day!!! 🙂

  17. Marcia Colette said,

    I LOVE shapeshifters. But for some reason it never occurred to me that dragon shifters would be the next biggest thing. I have yet to purchase a dragon shifter book because (until now) I didn’t know any authors who were doing it. Thanks for the post, Deborah. I’m planning to get my hands on yours. 😉

  18. AlainaLee said,

    i love dragons (actually this series is on my list to be read after exams).. i also read the Aisling Grey series/.. really kewl..
    i think dragons are so appealing because they play a large part in just about every culture’s mythology..
    as to liking male shape shifters.. i dunno there is that element of the alpha male in them that is rarely found in real life and i know i for one would love to find me a guy like that.. lol.. and the dragon shifters would have an extra reason to be macho eh? a bunch of series’ i read involve them, including the immortals series (started by Jennifer Ashley) involves one as well..

  19. Deborah said,

    Wow, lots of Q’s! Time for some A’s.

    Michele – the series is mostly US based. That said, Erik’s book (#3) started in London England. I think that more of my dragons will be heading back to their roots in Europe, and elsewhere.

    Rebecca – as a rabid medievalist, I feel like I’ve been researching dragons all my life. There are a lot of great medieval dragon stores, and I’m already enjoying weaving those bits of legends into my Dragonfire stories.

    Thanks, Chris and Andrea and JK and Lisa. 🙂

    *lizziestarr – I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you’re doing. You, of course, will remember me better as Claire Delacroix!

    Thanks Crystal and Jennifer and limecello. Big wave to Darla, plus a wave and a hug for Pamk. Thanks! 🙂 Colleen, I hope you like my dragons just as much. Marcia, I’m not sure if dragons are the next big thing, but I really hope so. I hope you enjoy Dragonfire Alaina, although I’ll warn you that there is one female dragon shape shifter in the Pyr world. She’s the Wyvern, a prophetess who seems to enjoy being enigmatic. (It’s a prophetess thing, I think.)


  20. Debra Guyette said,

    I did not read everyone else’s pst. I love dragons for their mystical attributes. I think it would be neat to fly around and not have to worry about whether or not my fire will start. Theya re beautiful beings.

  21. Lilly Knight said,

    This is great, a new series to read. I have been on the look out for dragon shifters after reading the Aisling Grey series by Katie MacAlister.

    Dragons have always intrigued me and as a child I was fascinated with an old chinese ceramic vase which had dragons painted on it. I love reading chinese mythology stories about dragons, they are so interesting.

    Looking foward to reading your Dragonfire series, Deborah, they sound really good

  22. Greta said,

    I just got into shapeshifters/paranormal romances in the last eight to nine months. I’ve been pretty basic and stuck with werewolves and werecats (cougars, panthers, tigers, lions) until I read Nora Roberts Circle Trilogy and fell in love with Larkin the shapeshifter.

    He could shift in many shapes, but when he turned into a dragon and took the heroine, Blair, for a ride on his back, whew! Some of the best moments in the whole series. Right then and there I decided I need my own man who could shapeshift into a dragon and able to take me for a ride. 😉

  23. Audrey M. said,

    Darn it! Sorry to hear about those other two books being out of print. Wish I had known about them before now, Deborah. Can’t wait to read these books though. Do you know if there will be anymore after the first three?

  24. Angela said,

    I love all shapeshifters, i have not really favor. I love cat, wolf, dragon, etc, etc,.

  25. Angela said,

    OOPSS!!! Sorry about the typo. I mean i have no real favorite. Sorry about that Deb.

  26. Rachel said,

    I really like the idea of dragon shifters, I have only read one book so far with one in it. Dragons are cool (or hot!). I have been enamored of them since I was a kid. Smaug really influenced me. I actually have the CUTEST stuffed dragon next to my bed. he he

  27. Donna said,

    Deborah, Your books sound great I cant wait to read them now. Dragons are wonderful interesting creatures, full of mystery, power, wealth, adventure and romance.

  28. :Candice: said,

    This book was awesome! I love that the heros are dragons. and the descriptions are fab 🙂 I sooo can’t wait til the next one. I love shiftshaper books and the fact that there is now a series featuring dragons, oh yeah jackpot! =^)

  29. JUDY COX said,

    I really enjoy dragon books. I really enjoy all shape shifting books. Up to a few years ago, I did not know what shape shifting consisted of. I am glad I found out.

  30. Cathy said,

    I just finished reading Kiss of Fire on Sunday, GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! I have been into dragons for 40 years. I collect them embroidery them and read about them. I have read over 50 dragon shape shifting books this last year and have another 12 in the TBR pile. As soon as I get Kiss of Fury it goes to the top! A really grabbing series.

  31. Sierra Wolfe said,

    Great blog! I love dragons too. I love all kinds of shapeshifters. Mmmm, wish they were real!

  32. Needlesmith said,

    Kiss of Fire is an outstanding read, thank you so much for writing it!

    Dragons have always intrigued me as well. The Chinese & Japanese versions, St. George slayed his dragon to save England, Disney had Pete’s Dragon, even Sean Connery did the voice over for a dragon. They have to be the uber alpha male. Their sinuousness translates so well in my imagination to a well built hero. The ability to save their mate from all dangers either in flight or with fire or natural cunning!

    The Wyvern is more than anyone is giving her credit for being and at the same time she strikes me as a tigress in pixie’s clothing.

    Again, thanx for the great read and I look forward to the next several stories!

  33. Becky said,

    To me dragons are truly sensual because they are so powerful! They also seem a bit aloof, but you’d know they’d come to your rescue if need be. I think it would be awesome if the dragon shifter in human form was NOT so strong and powerful–sort of the alter ego of the dragon.
    I’m really looking forward to reading this book!

  34. Deborah said,

    Wow! Thanks Candice and Cathy for the kind words about KISS OF FIRE. And Needlesmith, you’re right (of course) about the Wyvern. Now I just have to smile mysteriously and tell you to wait for it. 🙂

    Audrey – those backlist titles often turn up in used bookstores. You just can’t buy new editions, but the old ones are still around.

    A big wave to Debra Guyette – a cyber-face I haven’t seen for a while. Hi Debra!

    Thanks also to Lilly and Greta and Angela, to Rachel and Donna, to Judy and Sierra, for the intriguing comments about dragons and shape shifters. It’s going to be so hard to pick a winner.

    I’m back at my own blog today, Alive & Knitting, at http://www.delacroix.net/blog
    Thanks everyone for having me here, and for dropping by to chat!

  35. terryspear said,

    I’ve read several books with dragon characters and loved them. I have a dragon shapeshifter in a futuristic I wrote, but have also written “regular” dragons in a fantasy. They are sensuous, wise creatures, protective and fun!

  36. Jennybrat said,

    Dragons are just so masculine, sexy and regal. Just imagine what they can do with their tongues and their ability to breathe fire…

  37. Gracen Miller said,

    WOW! This sounds fantastically hot! =) I love different ideas and twists on what has become routine. Your books sound different, far from routine and ordinary. Dragons! I’d never have thought about it! I’m going to run out and purchase it as soon as I get back from my sons’ karate tournament this weekend! Woohoo, I’m excited. Can’t wait! Good luck to you Deborah and I wish you all sorts of big success!

  38. Nonny said,

    Okay, I think I need to bump this book up on my TBR list. *grins* I picked it up at a whim on the bookstore, but three or four books in ongoing series I’m following came out at the same time, so… 😛

    I’ve loved dragons for ages, and I actually have a published erotic romance about dragon shapeshifters myself. 🙂

  39. Wendy said,

    Hi, Deborah! I love reading about shape shifters. There’s something about being able to change from being a human to whatever animal that’s just so intriguing and primal – i love it! it’s like no matter how civilized we might all act, we still have that wild thing inside of us, but those shape shifters, we have it outside too.

    I’ve love dragons for ages, they’re so mysterious and graceful, I definitely love reading about them. 😀

  40. Wendy said,

    By the way, Deborah, I love your books’ covers! Ohmigod, they’re gorgeous!

    I specially like the images of the dragons on the guys’ shirt. I’ve always thought about getting a little dragon tattoo (or a wee gargoyle, er don’t ask, lol!) but I’ve yet to find a image that really draws my attention.

    Anyway, love the covers!

  41. lindy said,

    As a kid I loved dragon stories, but now being a nut about shapeshifters Dragon’s are the ultimate — Powerful, magical, fiery and possessive. Your first book introduced a great world, I can hardly wait for the next sexy Pyr.

  42. Pam P said,

    I love dragon shifters – the magic, cunning and crafty, and who better to protect you than a fire-breathing dragon. They can be fun and witty, demanding and arrogrant, and even though fearful at times, crave love and attention. The like to aid others, though in their own convulted, crafty ways so you may not know it, or with those riddles that make you puzzle it out first, to their joy and glee, lol. Can’t wait to read the next, Deborah.

  43. Donna said,

    Deborah, your synopsis for your dragon shifters sound very interesting. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen your book on the shelf at the Walmart where I lived. The cover are very striking so I would definitely be drawn to your book. I definitely have to check it out when I go to the bookstore next time.

    Anyway, to answer your questions. I’ve always been fond of werewolves (lycans) from the beginning, but lately I’m starting to have a fondness for dragon shifters. The word ‘dragon’ make me think of power, wisdom, beauty, gracefulness, and deadliness. The combination alone would make for a great hero if he’s a shifter. Of course the dragon has to be good due to his wisdom. Due to my recent obsession, my visualization of a dragon is the Chinese/Japanese varieties. They’re long, sleek, and beautiful. I can easily picture them coiling their bodies for slumber or just before an attack.

  44. Deidre said,

    I love dragons, dragon shifters, you name it. I adore all shifters. Dragons are just so cool, every little kid wants one and as an adult woman, you just have to be appreciative of the power of the dragon.
    Shapeshifter heroes are wonderful. I would love to have my hunky hero tell me he can change into an animal. That would just be amazing and especially if he could transform me and we could roam together as animals, the coolest!

  45. Jennifer Y. said,

    I love, love, love Dragons and have since I was a kid (one of my fave movies was Pete’s Dragon and I used to read the book “There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon” over and over…not to mention loving the movie “Dragonheart”). I have just recently started getting into them in my romance reading and I have loved what I have read so far. They are fascinating and magical creatures and often very beautiful. I bought my nephew a set of Dragonology books for his birthday last year, but I really tempted to keep them for myself…LOL.

    As for shapeshifter heroes I like them because of that element of mystery that surrounds them.

  46. Wendy said,

    I really wish there were more stories about Dragons and Gargoyles. I think that would be so cool! 😀

  47. Loretta W said,

    I love the books cover Deborah, so sexy. I love to read about the Dragon shiftshaper that are out, and also read about all the shiftshapers now.

  48. Deborah said,

    So, we’re all in agreement about how fabulous these covers are! LOL! I really think NAL has done a terrific job with these packages – and I can’t wait to see Erik’s cover (KISS OF FATE – February 2009). I love the dragons on the t-shirts, too – my editor and I joked about selling Dragonfire t-shirts with those logos, although I don’t even know who owns the rights to the designs. They’re great t-shirts, even though they wouldn’t look quite the same on me as on these cover models!

    I think everyone is also right about the power of shapeshifting (and of dragons) being sexy. Lori’s post last Monday mentioned shifters finding the change painful – in my books, the heroes generally find the change invigorating.

    JenniferY and I are in agreement about that element of mystery, too – mysteries and secrets are very sexy.

    Jennybrat, you’re naughty! (But funny, too.)

    Thanks, lindy and Pam P, for your kind words. Thanks Nonny for picking up the book – I hope you enjoy it when it makes it out of your TBR pile. I hope you managed to find a copy, Gracen. I’m not surprised you didn’t see the book at your local Walmart, Donna, as book distribution is a strange alchemical function poorly understood by the uninitiated – like me! Seriously, just because a chain stocks a book doesn’t meant that it’s racked in every single store.

    Wow, I hope Teresa is picking the winner. I couldn’t begin to choose. 🙂


  49. Wendy said,

    Oooh, I’d so wear the Dragon shirts! 😀 I think that would a great idea.

  50. Cathy said,

    Who wanted to know what a dragon tongue can do? Read Tielle St. Clare Shadow of the Dragon series for an answer!
    BTY Debrorah’s out of print books are under another pen name (look at the copyright name) and I’ve read them all!

    I picked my copy up a Walmart right as they were put on the shelve. I came back 20 mins. later for something else and Kiss of Fire was all gone. I think they seriously under estimated the appeal of this book!

  51. Sarah Mäkelä said,

    I love shapeshifter men because they are sexy and mysterious. I’ve read some stories about dragon shapeshifters, but I’m always interested in more!

  52. Savanna Kougar said,

    Wonderful, wonderful post, Deborah. I’ve always been in love with dragons as a species regardless of their bad rep. And the fantasies I’ve envisioned, oh my! This certainly gives me hope for the dragon shifter stories I’m working on, given your fantastic succes. Fiery congratulations and continued success.

  53. Mona said,

    I just picked up Kiss of Fire this past Friday. I absolutely loved it. I liked the chemistry that built over time and I liked how the main characters had to learn how to look beyond what was obvious to see the true….scratching the surface isn’t enough to reveal the true intentions of friends or lovers. And I think that’s what captivates me about dragons… you’ve got to do more than scratch the surface with them…. there’s more to each of them than meets the eye or one’s initial impression. Thanks for inviting me… through your writing…along for the ride.


  54. Crystal B. said,

    I like dragons because they are so powerful. I like shapeshifters because they have a sense of danger about them and you never get bored reading their stories.

  55. Rebekah C said,

    Hi Deborah. This series sounds wonderful. Would love to talk to you more about it, and possibly have you join me at Simply Romance Reviews as a guest blogger when the next book comes out. Can’t find an e-mail address for you, but if you see this and are interested then please e-mail me. rebekahatsimplyromancereviews@gmail.com

    Either way, I can’t wait to check out this series. 🙂

  56. Deborah Cooke said,

    Look at all these comments! Sorry I didn’t stop by sooner. Thanks everyone for the great comments about dragons in general and my dragons specifically. I had so much fun writing this trilogy and can’t wait to hear what you all think of the next two books.


  57. Darla said,

    I enjoy reading about both dragons, shifters and sexy men…so much the better when they are one and the same!

    To me the shifter/dragon/man gives an extra sense to the story, like seeing through someone elses eyes. Theres also excitement in watching the heroin in the story go through first fear of the unknown, then a bit of wonder at what shes discovered and then security, then love.

    Its hard for me to put into words, but dragons and shifters have always tugged at my sense of wonder. How would you deal with it if it was you, how would you keep your secret, how do you know this is the right person to tell, what would you do if someone found out???

    The shifter stories I read all answer these and more questions in many different ways…thats why I read then, there’s no limit to the imagination.

  58. Kimmy L said,

    Shirts? What a great idea. I would so love to read this book.

  59. cassandra said,

    I have a question. I recently read the Kiss of fury, and I really fell in love with Delaney. Donavon’s brother. He is the perfect character with all the right problems for a girl to want to fix. What will happen to him? The story doesn’t reall reveal much about him, and I still have yet to figure out ig he was killed or just brought back because the Slayers never killed him. Officially. And what is up with Nicholas and Sophie? Do I sense a firestorm to end them all? Please dont leave Niall or Rafferty out in the cold. Everyone needs a firestorm.

  60. Ruby said,

    Why dragons? They’re fiery, strong, and HOT!

  61. Rickie said,

    This is one very fantastic series for me. I have been a dragon lover for many years. I have dragon puzzles (3D as well), did a dragon cross-stich, have a dragon scuplture/incense burner, dragon figurines, and had a ring of a dragon wrapped around a tear drop stone made by my dad. To find a storyline that speaks to that love of dragons is truly a dream come true. There is one other story that dealt with a dragon shifter (Rhage) with J.R. Ward, but having picked up your’s has now taken front row seats in my bookcase. I just recently finished “Kiss of Fate” regarding Erik and the ongoing fight with Magnus. I just wish that the Wyvern hadn’t been outed because she also found a love interest. I look forward to Delaney’s story, just wished it would be here sooner.

  62. georgia said,

    I’d hope that your books it will appear in my country – Romania.
    Thank you,

  63. Gwen Feero said,

    Hi Deborah,

    I really enjoy reading paranormal romance stories and enjoyed reading your “Kiss of Fury” on a flight to Orlando. I really thought it was cool that Donovan’s ride was a Ducati Monster. However, the whole thing came screeching to a halt when Alex supposedly grabbed Donovan’s bike and missed a shift. Possible to do, but not between 3rd and 4th. Motorcycles do not shift like cars. The normal shift pattern for all bikes since the 70’s is first, neutral, second, third, fourth, fifth and sometimes sixth. The shifter is either pushed down or pulled up by the left foot until it clicks. It can’t go more than one gear at a time, except when passing through neutral.

    I have been riding motorcycles, including a Ducati 900SS since the early 90’s, and have been officially teaching people to ride for the state of Oregon for a year now. Please, if you are going to have the characters riding motorcycles, could you make sure that it is accurate? Any time you are in Oregon, let me know, and I can show you, or take a Motorcycle Safety Class wherever you are located. Even if you never ride again, it’ll be an enlightening experience.

    BTW – Ducati has an incredibly sexy bike out this year. The Streetfighter. The running lights look like cat eyes.


    Gwen Feero

  64. jessica said,

    I love dragons cos they are out of this world. They can fly and are like no beast on earth. They are so unique and well….are the best cos they come differently from each other.

  65. Marcie said,

    Hi Deborah,

    I have been looking for a way to contact you to tell you I absolutely love the Dragon Fire Series. I’ve always loved dragons in literature, they’re just so majestic and strong. Your descriptions of them make it very easy to picture them in my mind as I read them. Just one suggestion, could you put a picture of each dragon on the inside cover, or back cover of the novels? It be neat to have that visual. I love all the stories so far, but Delaney has stolen my heart. Donovan was my favourite going into Delaney’s story, but Delaney has stormed passed him and found a permanent place in my heart. I loved his story; what he endured in life and what he planned to do to save not only his friends but earth as well. There’s just something about the tortured hero that draws me in. I just want to wrap them in my arms and fix what’s wrong for them and make everything better. I can’t wait to read Niall’s story and see what other trouble Thorolf gets into. I hope he will eventually have his own story told and have a firestorm as well. Keep the dragon’s coming.

  66. Shylee said,

    First off let me say this, I have read nearly every Dragon series book I can get my hands on, except Deborah Cooke. Now before everyone screams and shouts and attempts to strangle me, let me finish. 🙂 Have you ever come across a series of books that you are perhaps too scared to start reading. In fear of finishing them and then having nothing else to read that would even come close to comparing with it. Well that’s how I feel about This series. I have them all sitting next to my bed and I want to read them and I know that in the next few days I will, and then once I have read cover to cover, start to finish, and perhaps slept for a week that will be it, over, end of my tether. No more dragon’s, I reckon, for me….

    It’s terribly sad, but Thanks Deborah Cooke for a story that really has me on edge even before I open the cover. Your series has come to me through word of mouth, reviews, tag searches, Amazon rec’s, everywhere and I’m so excited to get started.

    Kind Regards

    So…any help with what’s next, would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  67. Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) said,

    I love dragon shifters, and I hope you like my dragon shifter book, The Society On Da Run. I’ve been trying to raise a readership for it for the longest, and I’ve been writing it since I was ten: http://www.amazon.com/Dragons-Cicadas-Society-Omnibus-ebook/dp/B006ZDQH0I

    I hope you enjoy it and share it! I’m a desperate author!

  68. http://newquickweightlossdiets.com said,

    What i don’t realize is in reality how you’re not actually much more smartly-favored than you might be now. You’re so intelligent. You understand therefore considerably in the case of this subject, produced me in my view imagine it from so many various angles. Its like men and women aren’t involved except it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs excellent. At all times take care of it up!

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