Oops! Typo…

April 22, 2008 at 8:18 pm (General)

The contest winners will be announced one WEEK from the original post, not one day. So, next Monday through Friday winners will appear here.
My bad totally!



  1. J.K. Coi said,

    Deborah, I loved Kiss of Fire, and I’m eagerly waiting for Kiss of Fury. Your dragons are amazing, and I’m very glad that you took the leap into paranormal.

  2. Dina said,

    I like dragons, they are strong and beautiful creatures.
    I enjoy shape shifter books because they bring more imagination.

  3. Susan Kearney said,

    I already bought the first book in the series and it’s going right to the top of my TBR pile. I’m also writing a series about dragon shapeshifters but they wom’t be out until 2010. Your take sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to read. 🙂

  4. Loretta W said,

    Deborah, I haven’t ready any of your books yet and am looking forward to getting them now after reading what is said about them here. I love to read about the dragons shiftshapers along with all the other ones out there. I love to picture them going from human form to dragon and f them taking off up into the sky with a damsel on their back taking them to safety or better yet to their cavern.

  5. Sandy M said,

    Shifters are my favorite reads! I just love the imagination an author uses when writing a shifter story, or any paranormal for that matter. I like the beyond-belief part of a shifter story. And they’re always the sexiest and most alpha of men! LOL, you can’t get any better than sexy and alpha!

  6. cathy m said,

    Shifter stories are my favorite reads too. The characteristics of the animal that transfer over to the man is limited only by the imagination of the writer and is so fascinating.

  7. LeighSavage said,

    I love dragon and I love the ideal of a romance novels that explores this would be great…your books sound very interesting and look forward to getting to read them.

  8. Irene Peterson said,

    The firestorm idea is unique and quite visual. Dragons are more fun than vampires.

  9. Beth R said,

    Shifter stories are my favorite reads also
    I love shifter hero’s because they seem to revert back to more basser instincits. I like the idea of super senses.

  10. Tara W said,

    I lover shifters. It’s something very sexy knowing that an animal lurks just below the surface.

  11. Drea said,

    I have Kiss of Fire on my shelf…next in line to read. I absolutely LOVE dragons…my office is full of them. Their power and mystery have always drawn me to them. Stories with dragon shifters…what more could you ask for. Hunky man and dragon…*swoon*

  12. Robin Snodgrass said,

    I love the whole mythology surrounding dragons so the addition of shifting properties is even more entrhalling. They are strong, protective and fiercely loyal.

    Shifters of all sorts are sexy as can be!!

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