Contest Question Monday!

April 21, 2008 at 6:00 am (Contests, General, Lori Devoti)

She Wolf

Today win a copy of SheWolf by Teresa D’Amario (eBook)!

For your chance to win, answer the following question in the comments. The winner will be announced one week from today.

QUESTION: If you could shift into any animal what would it be?



  1. *lizzie starr said,

    hmm, this is a difficult questions–so many possibilities with pros and cons to each. Today, I’d say a cat. A plain, fluffy, indepentant and sensual cat.

    Tomorrow? Who knows. LOL

  2. Sierra Wolfe said,

    Definitely a wolf! I love wolves and if I could, that’s what I would shift into. I love to read shapeshifter stories and wolves are my favorites, but I also like reading other kinds as well. I’d love to read Shewolf. Good luck on your blog!


  3. Rachel said,

    I would say a tiger. Weretigers seem like they would be stronger than most animals. Plus tigers are so beautiful. 🙂

    Thanks for hostessing this here this week! I am going to post in my blog about it too.


  4. Dina said,

    I would love to be a dragon lol strong, mystical, can fly and the best part is can eat the enemy lolllllll

  5. Colleen said,

    Oooh I love that answer: a dragon… I have always loved dragons!!! I would say that would also be my choice! 😉

  6. Lisa Mason said,

    I would have to say a big cat, probably a Tiger or lioness

  7. shapeshiftersromance said,

    HHHMMMM Id definitely say a cougar.Stealthy,loner regal and sleek.My favorite animal.

  8. Sarah Mäkelä said,

    I’d shift into either a werecat or a werewolf! Cats are so graceful, but wolves are so yummy!

  9. Bridget said,

    A black panther or a white tiger. I know you said one but I couldn’t decide between the two. : )

  10. Ruth Woolsey said,

    I would love to be able to shift to several animals depending upon mood or need…. basic faves- wolf, tiger, dragon. So I guess it would be multi-hybrid. Hey,if you’re going for the gold,it might as well add the bronze and silver to it.

  11. cathy m said,

    For me it would be an eagle. Large enough to not become prey, with the freedom to fly anywhere I wanted.

  12. Michele Hauf said,

    I used to think I’d like to shift to be a dragonfly. Hmm…not a very long life expectancy with that though, but cool wings. I’ll take the common housecat, too!

  13. Culleen said,

    Wow so many greta answers! I have always loved dragons and wolfs and wouldn’t mind shifting into either but today I wouldn’t mind shifting into my dog… I would get to be spoiled,feed and lazy about all day not to mentioned rubbed all the time!! LOL

  14. Jean Patton said,

    I would love to be able to shift into a snow leopard. They are so secretive and yet so regal

  15. shapeshifterromance said,

    Wow, such great responses. 🙂 I have been surprised though. When I ask in chat, there’s usually ALOT of raptor/bird responses. But that’s ok. I love seeing these.

    Dragonfly… now wouldn’t that be kewl? In eastern mythology (I think it’s eastern, maybe native american?), the dragonfly becomes the dragon – so I think you’re safe there. 😀

    I’ve always been partial to tigers. Tigers and wolves both, but mostly tigers. But when it came to writing, it was the wolves who peeked in first. That natural testosterone that runs through their veins was just too much to hide from. LOL.

    If I chose to be a bird though, it would be the bald eagle. Such cold ferocity, yet so bonded with their mate.

    Dragons – oddly enough, I never wanted to shift into a dragon. Well, until I read Shanna Abe and our own friend, Deborah. Cooke, who shall visit us on Wednsday! Awesome ideas they have. I have Dragon Queen as my “Next to be read” sitting there… hoping to get to it this week. 😀 I’ve read all the ones leading up to this and am excited.

  16. Lori Devoti said,

    I never wanted to fully shift into another animal, but ever since reading the Borrowers as a child, I have wanted a tail–a cat tail. Cats can do so many fun things with their tales, show so much emotion. I’d love to snap my tail and saunter from a room. 😀

  17. teresadamario said,

    Anyone ever see the TV series “Space, 1999”? I know, I’m dating myself. It was on when I was in high school I think, maybe a bit before. There was a woman on that who could change into any creature so long as she didn’t stay in that shape for more than like an hour (maybe 6 hrs? I forget).

    That was my first hint at shapeshifting and I so loved that. Her limitations were so real, her shapes – anything from a mouse to a huge monster. It was awesome.

    I still think of that show -however many years later, and wonder,, whatever happened to that idea? What happened to that show? Oh well. Such is life. LOL. It got CANCELLED because everyone ELSE in it was bad. LOL

  18. Rebecca York said,

    Yes, I did watch this series, since I’m a science fiction geek. I used to think their weapons looked like staple guns!!!

    It’s hard for me to pick an animal. I love wolves, and they were my first shape-shifter love. But I’ve also written about shape-shifting into a big cat–or a bird. Also a dragon. So, obviously, I can’t pick just one.

  19. Loretta W said,

    I think I would have to say a wolf for that was the first shiftshaper book I had read when I got into reading them. Now I enjoy reading about all the different shiftshapers out there.

  20. J.K. Coi said,

    Ooh, I like this question. I’m thinking a bird, a quick, sleek swallow so I can shoot into the air and fly away from everything for just a little while.

  21. Bianca said,

    I would definitely want to be able to shift into some sort of bird. Large birds of prey are what popped into my head first, for the obvious reason – so no other type of bird could eat me – but then I think I changed my mind. I think I’d like to be a heron. Their long graceful bodies lend a regal air to them, they are a near-water dwelling bird, so they’d always be surrounded by nature’s beauty and they can take to the air, being able to soar above the earth at a moment’s thought

  22. Pamk said,

    would have to be a dragon or a tiger. I’ve always loved dragons but those big cats are absolutely stunning. Not a little cat person but the big ones are fantas

  23. JUDY COX said,

    I would like to shift into a wolf. I think they are beautiful animals, especially their eyes.

  24. Nicole said,

    I like the thought of being a multi-shapeshifter. My mood changes a lot and I love wolves, cats, dragons, etc. If I had to pick one, I think I might be a ‘common’ black cat. Cats are everywhere, so I could go practically anywhere I wanted and no one would notice me slinking about. LoL Sounds rather devious when I put it that way. 😛

  25. Angie T said,

    I always thought it would be pretty cool to be a falcon. But, thinking about it, a tiger would be good as well. And if I were Napoleon Dynamite, I’d want to be a liger. They are pretty much his favorite animal. 😛

  26. Leigh Savage said,

    I would have to say a wolf as well if now if we talk about mythical creatures I’d have to say a dragon for sure.

  27. Debra Guyette said,

    I would like to be a small cat. You can jump and run and go all sorts of place.

  28. Lou Gagliardi said,

    Staying with my family’s themes. I’d say a dragon. Their fierce, loyal and wise in most legends. Also my family belonged to the Order of the Dragon way back when so it seems to fit.

  29. Drea said,

    I would love to be a cat. I wanted to say a big cat, such as a leopard or jaguar first, but that would really stick out. Now, a house cat…I could go anywhere and no one would think anything of it. Plus, cats are so spoiled…it would probably be a pretty good gig. =)

  30. Ann said,

    I love the feline shifters. They are so powerful and graceful. Plus, what better to cuddle up with than a giant kitty cat! Or panther, or tiger, or lion…Purr!

  31. Jennybrat said,

    I want to be a snowy owl. Love to fly.

  32. AlainaLee said,

    i would like to be like.. a bengal, or a siamese.. although a were-siberian husky would be awesome.. lol..

  33. Allie said,

    I would love to be an eagle or any majestic bird. I’ve always wanted to soar above it all!

  34. cathy m said,

    Although I love read about the wolfies, I would want to shift into a black panther. I think these cats are so sleek and sexy. The whole beautiful but deadly conundrum is all wrapped up in the panther.:)

  35. Donna said,

    It would have to be a cat. They have such a range from independent when they want to attention when they want. Plus the furrier ones are just so adorable.

  36. teresadamario said,

    Wow, the cats have it so far! 10 Big cats, 3 little cats, and one just cats. Funny when you realize that wolves are the most prominent shifter books. Birds even outranked the wolves! Where are our wolf lovers? Oh wait,, even I said cats, and I write wolves.

    It’s funny, because if you ask what shifter you like to read about, or to think of the hero as, you get a totally different answer. But never fear! We here at shapeshifter romance plan to satisfy ALL your needs. LOL.

  37. char said,

    I’d love to be able to shift into a one pays any attention to them or hunts them.I think I could fly around as I pleased without any danger of being hunted.they are also very mystical creatures.

  38. bunnyb said,

    I’d like to be a cat cos everyone loves them. But can I have wings too? 😛

  39. shreela said,

    Gryffons are regal, intimidating and ferocious, but Pegasus are noble, gorgeous, and can give rides to my friends in the air, as well as on land.

  40. Crystal B. said,

    I would choose to shift into cat form:tiger, leopard, cougar, jaguar

  41. AJ said,

    For me, it would have to be a snow leopard. I love the big cats. Sexy, alluring, and all that power.

  42. Darla said,

    I’d love to be the kind of shifter that could shift into any animal.

  43. Robin Snodgrass said,

    I’d love to shift into some cat form. They have such a mysterious air about them. Not to mention, when you read about a shifter purring in a hot romance, it’s sooooo sexy. *grin*

  44. Susan Macatee said,

    I say keep it as real as possible. I happen to like gritty. In my historical battle scenes I always depict the blood and carnage, as well as the painful aftermath.

  45. Deidre said,

    I would shift into a cat, specifically a black jaguar. I have seen a couple of these beauties and they are gorgeous, sleek black fur, sparkling green eyes, absolutely spectacular. They’re drop dead gorgeous and lethal as can be. You can’t go wrong with that combination.


  46. Ali said,

    I’ve thought of this before and I’d have to say wolf 🙂 I just love reading wolf shifter romance stories 🙂

  47. Greta said,

    Found out about this website from the WM yahoo readers group. Cool. If I could shapeshift into any animal either a golden cougar or a black wolf. I just can’t make up my mind.

  48. Lilly Knight said,

    I would say a ferret as they are agile, playful, inquisitive and loyal creatures. They are also quite protective and can be very fierce; their teeth are very sharp.

  49. Chris said,

    This is a Great question but a hard one, I love Black Panthers and Dragons, so maybe a dual shifter into which one I needed or felt like that day. Both are very sexy, mysterious and unique in their own ways!
    I love reading about all shifters though!

  50. Rachel said,

    hmmm well, I am okay with more of a magical transformation than bone snapping, wet sucking gore any day. 🙂

    But if the shift is gory, it won’t stop me from reading it.

  51. Beth R said,

    I would say a big cat like a panther

  52. Vivienne Westlake said,

    I would pick a black panther, cougar, or a dolphin. I love dolphins and they are super smart. Smarter than people in some ways. I think panthers are interesting not only because of that beautiful color but also because black panthers are a rare form of leopard and I’ve read that they are forced to adapt to life on their own because their mothers usually abandon them (because they don’t look like a leopard). So, black panthers are very resilient animals who learn to be strong and face challenges with their own cunning and self-reliance.

  53. Pam P said,

    I’d probably do a bird, would love to soar high in the sky and get anywhere I wanted to go easily and quickly, swoop on down in a flash when something caught my eye, free and open, no barriers to keep me away.

  54. Donna said,

    If I had a choice, it would be the ability to turn into a werewolf. I’ve always been fond of wolves for I consider them to be loyal and brave. My second choice would be a panther. For some odd reason I really started liking them.

  55. Jennifer Y. said,

    Hmm…I think I would go with a cat…either a big wild cat or a housecat because I think they are pretty creatures. Or maybe a bird of some kind so I could fly.

  56. Brenda Beller said,

    Well, my first impression is something sleek, sexy and strong. Maybe a big cat or wolf. But then I would like to have different abilities: to carry someone, a horse or dragon; to “infiltrate” somewhere, a mouse or other inobtrusive creature; to fly: a bird or dragon; to go thru the water: a dolphin or seal. So I guess I would like the ability to become whatever the situation calls for.

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