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Hi Everyone! We’re so excited to see you come and join us at the grand opening of ShapeShifter Romance! Wow. (Taking a deep breath). This has been a dream of mine for a few months. A place where the lovers of shapeshifter romance can meet the authors of shapeshifter romance, and, well… have fun! We want this to be as interactive as possible, so we welcome all your comments, jokes, and dreams of that perfect shifter wandering into your life!

First, let’s get some business out of the way. 🙂 We created a Yahoo Group that everyone can join. It’s not your typical group, where everyone goes and chit chats. There are tons of those around, and if you’re like me, you’re starting to get overwhelmed. This is just an announcement group so the authors of ShapeShifter Romance can reach you if they have a special event. It will be used to tell you of new releases, contests or signings, things like that. To subscribe,

Group Email Addresses
Subscribe: shapeshifterromance-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe: shapeshifterromance-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
List owner: shapeshifterromance-owner@yahoogroups.com

You will NOT be able to post a message at this list – remember it’s just so we can send you goodies in email now and then. If you want to chat, wander over here, we’ll be happy to have you. If we grow as we all hope, who knows, maybe a message board is possible for the future.

*sighs*. Excellent, that’s out of the way. Now let’s learn a little bit about the fun that’s yet to come.

So what is ShapeShifter Romance? And why do we each write it? I think each of our ladies can give you different reasons why they find Shape Shifters so much fun to write about, but for me, it’s the pure animalistic power of them.

This weekend, I was working on “Getting in the mood” to edit a really fascinating scene in “Tigress by the Tail,” and did so by hitting up YouTube and watching all the tiger video I could find. The sheer power in those animals just calls to something inside me. When that heroine trembles when she meets the hero, it’s not just because he’s handsome. Instead, there’s something pure, and animalistic. It’s nature at it’s best. The mix of both worlds, human and animal.

I’ll never forget my first shapeshifter story I read. It was written by Ronda Thompson, and was in an anthology. It wasn’t the series she’s known best for, but was instead Secret Serenade, in the After Twilight anthology. I bought it because it contained a Christine Feehan story. When I got to Ronda’s, I thought “Ok, I don’t have anything better to read, so I guess I’ll go ahead of and read this.” I wasn’t enthused to say the least. How can something like a werewolf be exciting and sexy?

In moments I was caught up in Rick Donavon’s story. My heart cried for this man willing to give up his life to save the woman he loved. I was hooked on a new genre. It wasn’t long before I discovered other shifter authors (I’ll admit, Rebecca York was one of those authors).

Before I knew it was writing my own. Then I discovered that the shifter authors were out there, but the readers were dangling, searching for new work to read.

That’s where ShapeShifter Romance comes in. We hope to give you the best of all worlds – more about our work and guest authors to tell you about theirs! Shapeshifters are here to stay and they have a home at ShapeShifter Romance!

So my question to you is – What is it about shapeshifters that appeal to you? Is it the instinctive power? The acceptable level of aggression that would never be tolerated in humanity? Or is it just the hot, instinctive sex that you know they can’t hold back because it’s just “meant to be?” Come on, you can tell us – it’ll be our secret. *evil grin*

So now’s your chance! Jump in and tell us all – why YOU like ShapeShifter Romance! And while you’re thinking, here’s a fun animal video to keep you company. Just picture your favorite hero in these images! (Just remember, this is NOT a book trailer, but sure looks like one)


  1. Andrea Cummings said,

    Wow what a brilliant site, with lots of my favourite authors in the one place. Look forward to checking regulally to see whats new.

    You go girls

  2. rainedelight said,

    Love this place. Have to thank AJ for sharing the link with Just Another Paranormal Monday Loop.

    Nice site and I look forward to reading your many adventures. 🙂
    Raine Delight

  3. AJ Hampton said,

    OMG Teresa, I love love love that video!! Its just perfect! And, I must say, you post really summed up what I love about shifters as well.

    I just finished She Wolf and I can’t agree more with all the wonderful things that are being said about it! Powerful, sexy, romantic…

    I can’t wait for your next book, Tigress by the Tail.

    I love paranormal in general, but the more shifter books I read, the more I fall in love. I’ve been branching out, discovering books that feature creatures other than wolves, and not only is it amazing, its inspiring!

    Thank you so much for creating this site, and I really look forward to reading Rebecca’s take on RT!!!


    AJ Hampton

  4. Loretta W said,

    I read about this on Chatting wth Joyfully Reviewed and had to come to check it out. I am so glad to finally find a blog dealing only with Shapeshifters that has my favorite authors on it. I have read most of Rebecca York’s Moon Series just need to catch on the new ones that are out. I also have read all of CJ Adams books that are out and love her series. Looks like I will also be finding some new authors here.

  5. Tambra Kendall said,

    Hi everyone,
    I write as Tambra Kendall and Keelia Greer. Under the Keelia name I have a story in the Santuary Moon: First Howl anthology from Red Rose Publishg. I LOVED writing the story and am now have another shifter story in the works.

    Shifters are alpha, dangerous and sexy. What’s not to love?

    Love the site. I’ll be back as often as possible.
    Tambra Kendall/Keelia Greer

  6. Tambra Kendall said,

    Sorry, Tambra again. The video is gorgeous and with music by one of my favorite bands, too.

    Thanks, Teresa for sharing it.


  7. Cora Zane said,

    Happy grand opening, ladies! Shifter novels always inspire me. I can never get enough. Shifters are the personification of raw animalistic sensuality. How could I not be drawn to them? 🙂

    BTW, I know exactly what Ronda Thompson story you are talking about. That was also my first big dive into mainstream shifter romance. It’s one of those stories that sticks with you long after you’ve read it.

  8. *lizzie starr said,

    mmm, what an exciting place to be! And inspiring! There’s so much to love with Shifters, and so many to explore. This will be a great resource both for readers and authors. Already those Shifter ideas that have been spinning in my head are vying for dominance. Hmm, Alpha ideas!

  9. Ann said,

    Hi! I just got home from RT today and found a wonderful invitation in my email. Shifters are damn sexy and I’m so glad to find a place devoted to them.

  10. shreela said,

    I used to buy and check out books about paranormal investigations because that’s all I could find at the time. Occasionally they’d have some romance, but I just recently became aware of the enormous popularity of paranormal romances, and am thrilled to find how organized this genre is in blogs, myspace, and amazon so I can find what other like-minded readers are recommending. I usually prefer a mix of various paranormals, and how they interact with the other paranormal groups, while trying to avoid detection of the humans. I can’t remember which book or author it was, but there were different groups of weres that changed into different animals, and how the the sub-groups of weres interacted among themselves was interesting too.

    Will there be any shapeshifting books that a human can change into a different looking human, possibly the opposite gender?

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